Through her humanitarianism, Queen Zaynab hopes to make the world a better place

Through her humanitarianism, Queen Zaynab hopes to make the world a better place

The majority of us search for some deeper meaning or purpose in life, or maybe we simply want to provide a good example of selflessness for our offspring. However, even when we begin from a place of responsibility, we often find that the first feeling of sacrifice transforms into a sense of thrill and fulfillment. Our attempts to assist others may have a record of success that is a little bit jumbled up, but our efforts to help ourselves have a record of success that is practically faultless. Giving is the key to long and happy life. According to Queen Zaynab, a philanthropist and ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), you may find a deeper purpose and generate more meaning in your life by serving something bigger than yourself. This might be your family, your neighborhood, or even the whole world. By lending her support to issues that are important to her on a personal level, she is one of the many individuals who are having a beneficial effect on the world.

Fighting poverty

A person is considered to be living in poverty if they are unable to meet the fundamental needs of their lives, which include having enough access to food, clothes, shelter, educational opportunities, and medical care. Increasing the rate of economic development is one potential approach to addressing the issue of global poverty. Opportunities for employment and revenue generation arise more often when the growth rate is greater. But what happens if there is no expansion of the economy? Is there anybody who could take up the challenge of combating poverty on a more individual level? The answer is yes. Queen Zaynab is an active humanitarian who works very hard to alleviate poverty. Her efforts speak for themselves, as they were shown by the fact that she aided people all during Covid’s terrible times by donating presents, supplies, and money to approximately 10,000 persons who were less fortunate. Through the Queen Zaynab Foundation (QZF), she gives her whole attention to resolving the issues of everyone who brings them to her attention. She is now using the funds available to her to rehabilitate local orphanages and training facilities in both Lagos and Benin. This endeavor is being referred to as the #Forward effort, and it has already garnered contributions that add up to more than 150 thousand dollars.

Promoting Education

Every kid needs to have access to a decent education so that they may learn the skills necessary to earn a livelihood and make choices based on accurate information. A person who has never had any formal education is in a far weaker position to weather difficult times and make significant contributions to the expansion of society as compared to an educated person who has done well in school. Children are more likely to fulfill their full potential and become financially independent if they have a good education. Education is also an extremely important factor in the fight against poverty and the pursuit of social justice. Queen Zaynab is also working toward the goal of making our world a better place through fostering educational opportunities, particularly for youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Queen Zaynab was the driving force behind the establishment of the Arab African Economic Development Initiative (AAEDI), which is a charitable organization. It is committed to working for the liberation of oppressed people all throughout the world as part of its purpose. She pays particular attention to the plight of children and women who are raised in low-income communities, and she works to provide them with opportunities for advancement in the form of scholarships so that they can further their education and contribute to the process of making the world a better place. Children of Nigerians who were displaced from their homes as a direct result of the Boko Haram violence are now eligible to receive financial aid from the Queen Zaynab Foundation in the form of scholarships. This assistance will allow the children to continue their education. The Queen Zaynab Foundation has made it possible for a significant number of young people to receive an education and go on to study at prestigious universities all over the world. This has been accomplished through the foundation’s scholarship program as well as the instruction that is given at summer camps.

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