Three ads directed by Vedd Rawtaani get nominated for the Banglore film festival

Three ads directed by Vedd Rawtaani get nominated for the Banglore film festival

Vedd V Rawtani- A young and thriving director is succeeding on the central stage of Cinema. He has accomplished gleaming benchmarks in a very short span of duration. He has successfully shredded the notions of age and experience by accomplishing marvels in direction of cinema at such a young age.

The entertainment industry is flooded with a tremendous number of advertisements. The competition is quite arduous and complicated to combat. Amidst the immense competition and obstacles, the young talent of Vedd Rawtaani effortlessly manages to catch the spotlight. Three of his directed ads have successfully made it to the distinguished Bangalore film festival.

Vedd has bombarded the monotonous norms of ads by directing interactive advertisements for Yulu Bikes and Neelkamal mattresses. Rawtaani poured sheer professionalism and indomitable spirits into his direction for these ads. The outcome was dynamic and ads rolled over phenomenally in the advertising sector. His directed ads are whacking the thousands of ads already present in the digital market. They have successfully paved their way towards the grandeur of Bangalore film festival. Vedd’s young talent in direction is surpassing the big names gradually in the industry.

Winston Churchley rightly proclaimed that “Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” It seems that young and exuberant Vedd has implemented these words into real actions.
Rawtaani has been inquisitive in prospects of writing, editing, directing and screenplay since his blossoming childhood. In school and college times too, he cherished his talent by participating in the direction of plays and drama.

When you are engaged with your dreams then there seems to be no going back. Vedd has attained enormous success in advertisements direction in no time. His proficiency, skills and determination towards the profession of the director are undeniably powerful.

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