TheServerHost Netherlands, Amsterdam Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean and dedicated IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

For Inbox delivery of Transactional emails choose clean and reputed IPs with rDNS set up and port 25 open with Netherlands dedicated or VPS server

Netherlands dedicated IP is a fixed address assigned solely to one sender, offering complete reputation control as only their sending habits are subject to influence by that reputation.

Consistent email volume is key to developing a good reputation with inbox providers and avoiding being misclassified as spam. A dedicated IP allows you to implement authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM and DMARC for added protection against misclassification of emails as spam.

Transactional emails (such as confirmation of purchases or password reset requests) are vital to the success of your program. Clients expect these important communications from you, and their delivery depends upon your IP address’s reputation.

Improved Deliverability

When using a dedicated IP, email service providers (ESPs) must “warm up” its usage by gradually increasing email volume over time to establish trust with you and increase deliverability

Dedicated IP addresses may provide better performance for emails that must be sent immediately, like password resets and appointment reminders. When using shared IPs instead, these messages may become stuck in sending queues due to trying to meet all the demands from its clients; this could become highly frustrating for subscribers and lead them to opt out altogether from receiving future email communications from your brand.

Dedicated IPs offer additional advantages when it comes to setting up SPF records that prevent email spoofing and deliverability issues, unlike shared IPs where reputation could be damaged by one or two bad actors affecting all email accounts on that IP.

Dedicated IP addresses can assist with website speed, which is especially valuable to online retailers. When customers visit an organization’s site via their dedicated IP, the server that hosts it knows where the domain resides on its IP and can load it more quickly than when searching on a shared server; this added speed may make the difference between winning or losing customers.

Increased Brand Awareness

A dedicated IP address offers many advantages for email sender brands. Being sole user, you are accountable for upholding good sending practices and guaranteeing the quality of emails sent – providing complete transparency and control over deliverability compared to shared IPs where bad habits of other senders could impede on your program.

With a dedicated IP, it’s simple to segment email sending into transactional and marketing/promo emails using subdomains for each. In doing so, this safeguards both sender reputation and performance when dealing with marketing/promo campaigns that may wreak havoc with email delivery performance issues.

Dedicated IPs also enable you to brand your email sending, making your emails more identifiable to recipients who may otherwise fall through spam filters or are in blacklists of their email service providers. 

Increased Conversions

A dedicated IP allows you to use a verified domain, building trust with subscribers and helping reduce bounce rates. Each time an email bounces or is marked as spam, its impact hurts the sending IP’s reputation – which may lead to it being blacklisted completely. When sending with an authentic domain instead, both are protected – leading to faster email delivery rates and ultimately leading to more conversions for your business.

Dedicated IPs offer you many features, such as DKIM for identity verification and domain hijacking protection, or Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) programs to minimize complaints and secure your dedicated IP.

A dedicated IP is beneficial because you’re the only person using it, giving you control of your sending habits and IP reputation. By being on its own IP address, it allows for better control and protects from being associated with senders with poor reputations or spammers damaging it. They’re also ideal for businesses that must reach customers regularly with transactional emails.

Lower Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are of paramount importance in transactional email campaigns. Because transactional emails typically provide crucial information such as order confirmations or password resets, timely delivery of these messages to their intended recipients is of utmost importance. High bounce rates could prompt subscribers to mark your emails as spam and diminish engagement and revenue streams in turn.

One way of improving delivery and engagement metrics is through a dedicated IP address. This type of IP is specifically used by your email program and allows you to set up authentication protocols like DKIM and SPF that establish legitimacy with ISPs. Furthermore, dedicated IPs give greater insight into key email metrics like deliverability, unsubscribe rates and spam complaints.

A dedicated IP address also helps reduce your bounce rate by giving you more control over list hygiene and email content. Multiple hard bounces in quick succession is seen by ISPs as a red flag indicating improper management of mailing lists, but with proper and consistent management of lists your bounce rate will drop significantly.

Better Reputation

Transactional emails like invoices, delivery confirmations and password resets are essential components of large-scale email programs. Customers typically receive these responses to actions they take such as purchasing products or requesting services; with an excellent IP reputation these messages may arrive directly in customer inboxes without being marked as spam by ISPs or blocked.

A dedicated IP is the optimal way to enable email authentication, which ensures inbox service providers recognize your domain as authentic and ensure only you can send emails on its behalf – this can be accomplished using SPF, DMARC and DKIM records. Enabling email authentication not only boosts deliverability but will also protect both brand reputation and security.

TheServerHost Netherlands Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost Netherlands Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider provides an impressive variety of services, such as round-the-clock support and an excellent level of uptime. They also feature powerful data privacy software as well as multiple CPUs per server to accommodate a high volume of traffic.

Technical support team. Knowledgeable in supporting hardware and software products, they offer free technical consultation as well as monthly upgrades.


Netherlands VPS hosting provides more control and flexibility at an economical price than dedicated servers do, while being easily scalable as your website traffic increases. By adding more users and storage devices as your traffic does, this helps avoid slow loading pages and lower bounce rates while improving search engine rankings and drawing in more customers.

TheServerHost is a top-rated Netherlands VPS server provider, offering unmetered bandwidth and disk space at an unbeatably affordable price. They utilize enterprise-grade hardware with advanced virtualization technology for optimal performance at an economical cost, with 24/7 support available via email, live chat or telephone to answer any of your questions or provide technical consultation and monthly upgrades for their clients.

Netherlands VPS servers provide small and medium businesses with increased autonomy and functionality at an economical cost, making it an excellent solution. You can host your own software applications on it, giving you greater control of your website. Furthermore, due to stringent data privacy regulations and GDPR compliance compliance in the Netherlands.


If you want to expand the number of visitors to your website, a Netherlands VPS server is an ideal way to do it. Offering more resources than shared plans and being easily scaled up as required for any website demands means saving both time and money while improving performance levels.

Netherlands VPS servers offer many benefits, from enhanced security and privacy, to customizing your operating system, installing software applications designed specifically for websites, and choosing between various bandwidth options. Plus, with free backup plans provided to ensure data safety – making this hosting solution ideal for small businesses seeking to maximize their online presence.

Contrary to other forms of hosting, Netherlands VPS hosting provides you with root-level access, giving you complete control over every aspect of your server. You can utilize various programs and services to manage your website while selecting between Linux or Windows systems based on your needs and budget. Furthermore, multiple plans are available so that your needs and budget can be accommodated accordingly.


TheServerHost Netherlands is a top-tier hosting provider offering unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and migrations at no cost to their clients. Their servers also boast 24-hour technical support as well as native IPv6 support – perfect for website speed optimization! In addition, TheServerHost Netherlands are committed to helping their clients expand their businesses.

VPS servers are an ideal choice for businesses that need to host complex websites, as they allow more control and autonomy than shared hosts while remaining affordable. Furthermore, these servers can increase site speed while improving search engine rankings; plus you have full control of which operating system and software to install; this means you can build responsive websites which attract more customers while improving company performance.

When selecting a VPS in Netherlands, make sure it features cutting-edge hardware and software. A reliable server will have top-of-the-line CPUs and SSD NVMe storage technology connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), fast networks, multiple upstream data centers for optimal performance as well as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). All this information can be found either by visiting its specifications page or speaking directly with one of their sales representatives.


Netherlands Dedicated server hosting provides more security and privacy, making them suitable for websites requiring higher levels of protection and providing unlimited bandwidth and IP addresses. However, these servers can be more expensive for small businesses; to find one at an affordable price you should select a web host that provides various solutions at affordable prices along with money back guarantees in case they don’t satisfy you with their service.

TheServerHost Netherlands Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider offers exceptional customer support, with their technical staff possessing extensive knowledge of supported hardware and software. If any queries arise regarding these matters they’re available 24/7 – making them an excellent option for businesses without an in-house IT department.

Linux-based virtual private servers (VPSs) can also provide reliable service with plenty of features suitable for small businesses, including SSD storage for fast data transfer and one-click application installation, plus free backup plans to protect data in case of emergencies.

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