TheServerHost India, Noida Dedicated Server Hosting offering Unmetered or Unlimited Bandwidth

TheServerHost India, Noida Dedicated Server Hosting offering Unmetered or Unlimited Bandwidth

How Indian Dedicated Server Unmetered Bandwidth with Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad based IP is Helping Business Websites

Determining whether or not your website requires unmetered bandwidth depends heavily on its particulars. Sites without high traffic levels or sudden consumption spikes likely won’t require unmetered access.

However, websites offering video streaming, news media content or eCommerce with many daily visitors should consider unmetered bandwidth as the solution.


Unmetered bandwidth refers to network connections that do not impose limits on how much data can be transferred over it, typically more expensive than metered bandwidth, but ideal for websites requiring constant high performance.

For small websites such as personal blogs without marketing intentions or video streaming platforms that experience low levels of traffic, unmetered bandwidth might not be necessary; however e-commerce platforms, news sites and video streaming websites could benefit greatly from having unmetered bandwidth servers available to them.

Most hosting providers provide both metered and unmetered bandwidth options. Metered bandwidth plans offer monthly limits with specific data transfer limits that, when exceeded, may result in fees or upgrades to their plan. Unmetered bandwidth plans provide better options for websites that experience heavy traffic or consumption spikes as well as those looking for future scalability needs.

India dedicated servers offering unlimited bandwidth; while these tend to be more costly than metered plans, they provide hassle-free access. This can be particularly important for websites that must handle high volumes of traffic such as gaming platforms or social media networks.


Metered bandwidth plans allow internet providers to limit how much data can be transmitted from your server, and when this limit is reached three things could happen: 1) your site could stop functioning; 2) additional fees could apply or 3) automatically upgraded to higher bandwidth plan. These types of plans are great for small businesses without global ambitions that plan to utilize only one website at any given time.

Benefiting from unlimited bandwidth means never running out of data transfer – meaning your website can continue expanding without incurring extra fees for data transfers. This feature can be an immense help when it comes to expanding business awareness of their products or services.

An unmetered bandwidth with Indian dedicated server can also reduce downtime for companies by eliminating the need to monitor bandwidth consumption. This feature is especially helpful when experiencing unpredictable traffic spikes or planning for future growth.


Unmetered bandwidth is an invaluable asset to businesses that depend on fast performance for their website, such as ecommerce stores, gaming platforms and news media sites. Unmetered bandwidth also offers businesses flexibility should their server resources need expanding in the future; but before making your choice it is crucial that you understand its difference from metered bandwidth.

With a metered bandwidth plan, you are charged according to how much data is transferred through your server. For example, if your monthly limit of 100GB and speed of 50Mbps are reached, each time that image or video transfer utilizes one gigabyte from that quota; exceeding it incurs additional fees; with an unmetered connection you do not pay extra fees when more data transfers occur than what has been originally anticipated.

India Dedicated servers with unmetered bandwidth are ideal for businesses that anticipate their bandwidth requirements to expand over time, as this type of hosting enables the server to adjust to changing traffic demands without incurring unexpected costs or performance degradation. If, for instance, your business experiences an increase in public awareness it could cause visitors to your website to increase significantly and therefore require more bandwidth than usual; an increase which would otherwise cause your site to slow down or crash if your bandwidth plan were metered.

Unmetered bandwidth provides you with the flexibility to expand your website without fearing its performance being negatively impacted. This can help prevent costly outages or the need to upgrade web hosting service; additionally, unmetered bandwidth enables you to install more security functions and features onto your site that will improve its user-friendliness, thus improving search engine rankings and increasing its conversion rate.

TheServerHost – Best India Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

India Dedicated servers offer greater bandwidth and computing resources, improving website performance while being cheaper than shared hosting solutions.

TheServerHost provides high-performance servers and exceptional customer support, with technicians available 24×7 to address any problems that may arise via phone, email, and their ticket system.

Business Benefits

Dedicated servers provide businesses looking to optimize the performance of their website with several advantages over other hosting options, including lower pricing, faster speeds and superior support. At TheServerHost we have managed and unmanaged servers suitable for different business requirements – as well as dedicated server hosting featuring high traffic capabilities with various security features in addition to redundant power and network connections – making them the optimal solution for businesses that must ensure site stability.

TheServerHost is an industry leader when it comes to dedicated servers in India. Their servers feature an impressive variety of software options and come complete with complimentary consultation and support, with 24/7 server monitoring by highly experienced specialists who can also assist in site migrations. In addition, TheServerHost provides clients with a Tier 3 system administrator for hardware configuration and security setup assistance.

These servers can be found across the multiple location in India and boast user-friendly cPanel management interfaces for easy administration. Equipped with Intel Xeon processors for optimal performance, these servers are ideal for resource-heavy websites with heavy traffic volumes – and can even be upgraded with additional memory or faster processors for increased performance.

India Dedicated servers can enhance SEO and speed up website performance for maximum ROI, leading to more customers and revenue growth. Furthermore, dedicated servers protect against DDoS attacks while meeting any unique business needs – they even serve as backup hosts; TheServerHost offers several plans specifically tailored for this use which include FTP tunnels and root access for optimal backup management needs; furthermore they’re also easily expandable as your business evolves.


Dedicated server hosting is an ideal choice for websites with heavy traffic volumes, offering increased operational flexibility, improved administrative control, and better security. Many providers also provide 24/7 technical support. Although dedicated servers may cost more than other forms of hosting options, their higher performance levels often justify the investment.

TheServerHost’s Best India Dedicated Server Hosting Provider plans provide affordable and dependable hosting solutions to businesses of all kinds. Their plans offer unlimited bandwidth, high disk storage capacity and various features; plus their hardware options make them suitable for businesses with higher traffic or needing additional resources. Plus their servers are located within data centers for faster performance and improved security.

TheServerHost not only offers an impressive selection of dedicated servers, but they also boast an exceptional customer service team that is available around-the-clock to address any inquiries and technical support representatives who specialize in web development. Their support staff can also assist in selecting an ideal plan for your business needs.

All servers feature high-performance processors with ECC memory, as well as a cPanel/Plesk control panel and add-ons such as private FTP tunnels and root access. In addition, top-tier datacenters back up all their servers daily; free SSL certificates come included along with expandable SSD storage capacity – meaning your business won’t experience downtime or data loss. Additionally, security guarantees ensure you can run without worrying about downtime or data loss.


Dedicated servers offer many advantages over other forms of web hosting, from superior performance and scalability, making them suitable for high traffic websites, to advanced features that improve security and management that make them suitable for businesses – not to mention high-quality customer support from dedicated servers; no wonder so many businesses choose them as part of their strategy.

Dedicated servers not only offer impressive performance, but are also more secure than other hosting options. Because you have complete control of both hardware and software components on a dedicated server, viruses, malware and other threats are less likely to find their way onto your site. Furthermore, additional security software may further strengthen its protection – an invaluable feature for businesses that operate their sites 24/7/365.

TheServerHost India Dedicated Server Hosting provider of choice offers dedicated servers housed in state-of-the-art Tier 4 data centers for optimal network speeds and reduced latency rates, helping your website achieve higher SEO rankings. Furthermore, TheServerHost offers monitoring and management solutions which keep tabs on CPU memory usage as well as disk space allocation.

TheServerHost is a premier provider of dedicated servers in India, offering unlimited bandwidth and speed. Their technicians are always on call to assist you should any problems arise; plus their servers come fully backed up with customizable cPanel and Plesk control panels as well as competitive prices that include free consultation.


India Dedicated servers are ideal for websites requiring high-speed Internet connectivity with enhanced security features to prevent malware, hacking and denial of service attacks. In addition, these servers offer greater scalability than other hosting solutions allowing businesses to utilize more physical and virtual cores for faster processing. They’re particularly beneficial for sites which must comply with PCI standards when handling credit cards online – perfect for large scale e-commerce applications too.

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