TheServerHost Dubai Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

TheServerHost Dubai Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

For Inbox delivery of Transactional emails choose clean and reputed IPs with rDNS set up and port 25 open with Dubai dedicated or VPS server

Email can be an excellent tool for disseminating critical confirmations such as order status updates, password reset requests and account notifications to your audience. A clean IP address will ensure these messages reach recipients’ inboxes rather than spam folders or blacklists.

ESPs do not welcome sudden surges of sending, as this appears suspicious to spam filters and can quickly reduce reputation. Dedicated IP addresses are best for maintaining consistent high send volumes.

Increased Delivery Rates

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective marketing channel, yet its delivery can be challenging and time-sensitive. Marketers need to ensure their messages reach the appropriate audiences at the appropriate times, which is where having a clean IP address becomes critical.

Mailbox providers assign each IP address a reputation that dictates whether an email will make its way into recipients’ inboxes. A shared IP is only as good as its sending habits of those using that IP, making it risky for reputable senders who send large volumes of transactional email through shared solutions.

Dedicated IP addresses can be an ideal way for larger senders looking to improve their email delivery rates, particularly in cases when sending large volumes of transactional messages. Not only can a dedicated IP ensure an uninterrupted send experience but it can also prevent email service providers (ESPs) from throttling your messages; additionally, using separate addresses for transactional mail helps protect its separate reputation from that of marketing emails being sent simultaneously by brands.

When transactional emails fall into spam folders, it can have lasting repercussions for customer relationships. Customers could become concerned that their purchase information was stolen or that they aren’t getting what they paid for; this leads to decreased engagement among customers and may lead them to switch brands altogether.

Maintaining a high-quality IP for transactional email can significantly lower bounce rates and enhance engagement, building trust among your audience as well as contributing to bottom line savings.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Email bounce rates play an integral part in how mailbox providers evaluate your reputation and deliverability. High bounce rates can result in emails being blocked or sent straight to spam folders, reducing engagement with recipients as well as ultimately impacting business success. With an IP address dedicated exclusively for transactional emails, you can ensure your emails reach their recipients’ inboxes without fail.

Bounce rates depend on several variables, but it’s essential that we monitor them closely and take steps to reduce them wherever possible. Emails that bounce could be caused by invalid addresses, server issues or spam complaints; another reason could be content that’s considered spammy or inappropriate; try avoiding phrases like “100% satisfaction guaranteed” and mentioning prices in your subject lines as this will likely trigger spam filters and stop receiving them altogether.

Hard bounces may be remedied easily: remove an invalid email address or undeliverable server from your contact list and try again later; soft bounces are less straightforward, though still impactful, so selecting an ESP that offers reliable 

Better Reputation

Successful email communication relies on having an excellent sender reputation. Mailbox providers evaluate this based on factors like spam complaints and sending to unknown users; whether using shared or dedicated IPs, your sender reputation can have either positive or negative ramifications on deliverability rates.

Emails that go undelivered due to poor sending practices, high bounce rates or an adverse sender reputation can have devastating consequences on both your brand and customer experience. This can be particularly problematic when sent as transactional emails like password resets and order confirmations. Furthermore, without authentication such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protection in place for authentication of emails it could even be misused by bad actors to send malicious content directly.

While having a clean IP won’t guarantee that all of your emails reach recipients’ inboxes, it should still be an essential factor when choosing an email service provider (ESP). Furthermore, selecting one with strong relationships with ISPs and using cutting-edge technologies for combatting spoofing/phishing attacks as well as strong anti-spam policies and authentication protocols to maintain high email deliverability rates is equally crucial.

Increased Engagement

Transactional messages like order confirmations, password resets and account notifications can be of immense value. They often fall outside the scope of opt-in consent regulations while still remaining top-of-mind with customers; when done right they can also provide valuable customer insight. Studies have demonstrated that email opens for transactional emails were 50% higher compared to bulk promotional ones.

Although many marketers struggle to craft the ideal email message, there are simple strategies you can employ to boost engagement and deliverability of transactional emails. One such tactic is addressing users by name – personalizing each experience for every individual user while showing you value them as important individuals – while including links to social media pages or purchase opportunities can increase positive associations your audience has with your brand while further increasing engagement levels.

Note that the content of your transactional messages can make or break their delivery and engagement success. For instance, welcome emails should thank new subscribers for subscribing while also providing instructions for safe-listing your company to ensure all future emails arrive at their intended destinations.

Benefits of a Dubai Dedicated IP Address for Transactional Email

Dubai Dedicated IPs tend to be more costly and come with the additional responsibility of managing them yourself, but if your sending practices are solid and you have enough time and dedication available for this venture, dedicated IP addresses may be worth exploring further.

Control over your reputation

A dedicated IP address is a group of IP addresses used solely by one sender; this email address type can be especially beneficial to B2B senders that need to confirm purchase orders or sales transactions with customers. Furthermore, dedicated IPs may help increase deliverability rates because email service providers (ESPs) tend to trust emails coming from a dedicated IP more than shared ones.

Along with increasing deliverability, dedicated IP addresses also give you greater control of your reputation. Being the sole user of such an address means you are the only one influencing its reputation and sending practices – this allows for consistent sending volumes without raising red flags with ISPs or delivery issues.

While the benefits of having a dedicated IP are clear, it’s essential to keep in mind that they do come at a price. Since only you are paying for it and managing and monitoring its activity requires significant technical expertise, dedicated IPs may be more costly than shared ones.

Whitelisting opportunities

If your email practices are consistent and upheld, a dedicated IP address might be right for you. They offer greater whitelisting opportunities that can help bypass spam filters and get your emails to their intended destinations faster.

Senders that need to send large volumes quickly may benefit from using a dedicated IP. Our web application makes signing up easy, and our team will take care to warm it up so you can begin sending right away.

Dedicated IPs also give you the added bonus of using a customized subdomain as your email sending domain, which will appear as the “mailed-by” or return path in recipient inboxes – increasing brand visibility while increasing email deliverability.

Are you searching for a trusted provider to manage your transactional and OTP sending needs? Sign up now for a free trial of SMTP2GO software – we are available 24/7 through live chat, support ticket or phone to answer all of your questions!

Enhanced security

Dedicated IP addresses offer enhanced security benefits. In addition to using SSL certificates with your domain name – essential for sending encrypted emails – and using DKIM authentication, dedicated IPs also enable email recipients to validate who the author of an email message is – this feature is particularly valuable in transactional email where the sender’s company name may appear in the From address.

If your IP is misconfigured, emails sent from it could easily be labeled as spam and blocked – having a detrimental impact on both your reputation and that of any senders on that IP who may also be spamming; such incidents could endanger everyone on that IP, including yourself.

TheServerHost – Dubai Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost is a Dubai VPS server hosting provider offering various services. Their servers boast unmatched speed and performance and are supported by professional technicians. Furthermore, these servers come equipped with root access capabilities capable of accommodating large volumes of traffic.

These servers utilize enterprise-grade hardware and are highly reliable, with 24/7 technical support for added peace of mind.

Dubai VPS Server

If you’re searching for a hosting provider with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, look no further than TheServerHost. With their wide variety of packages to meet any individual need and enterprise-grade hardware powering all servers, TheServerHost boasts round-the-clock technical support via ticket system to assist in solving any issues which may arise.

Dubai VPS server hosting is an ideal way for businesses looking to protect their data and increase performance. Unlike shared hosting, VPS servers are dedicated exclusively to one website and can be customized as needed; you also benefit from high speed performance with higher capacities than shared servers as well as root access allowing full control over your own website.

TheServerHost experienced technicians can assist in setting up your website and customizing the operating system to your needs. Their goal is to guarantee site security, uptime, and multiple websites on one server – so there’s no worry of your site going down or being compromised.

Dedicated servers are ideal for larger businesses and complex applications, offering faster processing speed and more RAM to run software programs and databases effectively. Plus they’re more reliable than shared hosting plans; upgradeable as needed and easier for non-technical users to manage.

Dubai Dedicated servers

Dubai Dedicated servers are an ideal solution for websites requiring high levels of customization and security, offering unmetered bandwidth and disk space as well as other features that meet these criteria. Furthermore, dedicated server hosting providers such as TheServerHost stand out by having one of the industry’s best uptime records while their technical support team are available round-the-clock.

TheServerHost Dubai provides an array of services, from dedicated servers and virtual private networks (VPNs) to managed support and managed hosting solutions. Their experienced technicians possess expert knowledge about each software program they support and can assist clients with all their needs. Plus, you can easily reach one via email or live chat if any inquiries arise!

Dedicated servers give you complete control of their physical server, giving you greater flexibility when installing software and monitoring traffic on your website. In addition, dedicated servers help avoid expensive bandwidth overages or slow connections while increasing memory for applications – thereby improving performance.

Through the cPanel/Plesk control panel, it’s simple and efficient to manage a dedicated server. You can choose your operating system, host multiple domains simultaneously on one server – ideal for large websites which need both RAM and processing power to function efficiently.

Customize your server to meet your specific requirements, which is great if you want to optimize the performance of your website. For instance, configure it so it runs a specific application or load balancer; this will improve website reliability while decreasing downtime.


TheServerHost provides affordable pricing for its VPS and dedicated servers. Their servers feature unmetered bandwidth and disk space as well as 24/7 technical support and free consultations, making them perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, these features ensure high-speed performance which is essential for websites with increased traffic volumes.

TheServerHost server hosting services are extremely affordable, and come in various plans tailored specifically to suit different websites’ needs. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage as well as features like centralized control panels and enterprise-grade hardware – perfect for business owners looking to expand their online presence.

Dubai VPS servers offer more customization and provide greater levels of security, making them the ideal solution for companies with large databases or heavy website traffic. In addition, virtualization technologies enable these servers to offer high availability – meaning if one user on same node experiences an issue on the site, other users should continue as normal without interruptions from downtime issues.

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