There’s More to Artists Than Painting: Bolli Blas Shares the Frustrations in Her Craft and How She Gets Past Them

There’s More to Artists Than Painting: Bolli Blas Shares the Frustrations in Her Craft and How She Gets Past Them

Being an artist may seem like a rewarding career and an easy thing to be for the people looking on in from the outside. However, there’s more to artists than just working on the canvas and figuring their way around colors until they create a masterpiece.  

“Many people think artists just paint, but there are many other things involved: shipping, customs issues, organizing exhibitions, communicating with people, taking photos, updating the website, and lots of other things,” said Polish artist Bolli Blas, who is famous for the wide-eyed characters that she features in her paintings.

Eventually, all this would overwhelm the artist and lead to stress. But despite it, Bolli Blas has learned to cope through it all by focusing on the things that she’s good at and letting go of the things that are out of her control. 

For her, creating and practicing her craft helps in her mental state since it calms her down and makes her happy. 

How She Deals With Being in a Rut 

Like everyone else, Bolli Blas also falls into a rut every now and then when things in her life become too much to handle. But unlike most artists, there’s something different about Bolli Blas when she’s stuck facing a wall since it doesn’t affect her creativity. 

“For me, it’s never an artistic rut as I don’t normally run out of ideas or go through what would be described as writer’s block. For me, it’s a rut in general, when there are too many things to be done at the same time or when things are going wrong I start feeling depressed and overwhelmed,” she said.

Whenever she’s busy dealing with other elements in life, the Polish artist hardly finds time to paint and that’s when she starts feeling stressed and ending up in a rut. 

“I feel overwhelmed and feel the darkness coming and I don’t like my art and life anymore. It’s normally just a temporary feeling though and the next day, I wake up and look at things with fresh eyes,” she shared. 

To get back on her feet, Bolli Blas finds it helpful whenever she takes a break and meditates so that when she paints, she’s in the right state of mind. 

“When I paint, I’m happy and I’m in a state of mindfulness and no problems exist. It also helps me talking to friends and of course to stroke my cat,” she shared. 

Bolli Blas uses her artworks, particularly her Bollis, to depict her idea of a utopia where society revolves around love, peace, and positivity. 

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