The Thrill of Horror Fiction and Movies

The Thrill of Horror Fiction and Movies

There have been times when I was scared to death after watching a horror movie, swearing that I would never put myself through it. But as soon as the weekend hit, I would find myself scrolling through the suggestions of the scariest watch.

Why is that, exactly?

Why are some people more inclined towards consuming horror fiction and movies even though it can rob us of our goodnight’s sleep?

In this article, I will explore the psychology behind the thrill associated with horror fiction and movies. 

Humans are Thrill Seekers

Some people can get bored easily and are always on the lookout for something new to keep them hooked. And these are also the same individuals prone to consuming horror media. The anticipation and the feeling of being on the edge of their seats throughout the movie or show gives them a kick in life. 

An Escape from Our Daily Mundane Lives

Very few people encounter spine-chilling, creepy incidents in their daily life. I know that I haven’t. So to escape our boring everyday life, we turn to horror media to add some spice to our day. It gives us that adrenaline rush that is often missing, thanks to our mundane lives.  

Weirdly, You Learn Survival Tactics

It is also said that watching zombies and apocalypse-related movies help us learn survival tactics—in case we find ourselves in the same predicament. Watching horror movies is like witnessing our worst-case scenario becoming a reality and securing as much help from the protagonist as we can to survive that situation. 

Horror Movies Feed the Human Shadow

Shadow is a concept of psychology that sheds light on the dark aspect of the human mind. All of our dark and unacceptable desires are caged within our shadows. And watching a character in a horror movie carrying out malicious and psychopathic tasks feeds the human shadow. It is creepy but very much true. 

So far, we have looked into why people consume horror media. Now let’s explore an interesting study about the effects of consuming horror media. 

Are horror fiction and movies a remedy for anxiety? 

Would you believe it if I told you that watching horror movies and shows effectively calms down anxiety and distress among individuals? Sounds mind-boggling, right?

As ironic as it sounds, it is true. The research looked into the threshold of distress among individuals during COVID-19 who were avid consumers of horror media. It was found that their threshold of being stressed was higher as compared to other people. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Remember to Get Your Horror Fiction Fix!

Whenever we think of horror fiction, movies, or shows, we tend to imagine dark and grotesque stuff. But today, we have established that consuming horror media, no matter how bizarre it sounds, is beneficial for individuals.  And we also shed light on the thrill of horror fiction and movies.

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Derek Robins

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