The Threads OG Collection, a coveted set within our Threads family

The Threads OG Collection, a coveted set within our Threads family

Sydney, Australia, 12th Jan 2024 – The upcoming launch of Thriends meme tokens in 2024 adds an additional layer of excitement. With a current supply of 1.45 billion TT Meme tokens, including 300 million reserved for SKT holders, there are ample opportunities to earn Thriends meme tokens. Act swiftly and stake your Thriends NFT to become part of this rewarding journey!

Thriends Token, designed to reward NFT holders, plays a pivotal role in this community-driven project. NFTStreetKid, a prominent Threads influencer, spearheads Thriends, ensuring an inclusive and artistically rich experience for all participants.

About project

Thriends, an NFT collection conceived by the influential Threads personality NFTStreetKid, emerged as a rebranding of the initially titled NFT Street Kids project, gaining substantial traction and popularity within the Threads community. Thriends, derived from the term “friends” commonly used on thread platforms, exclusively presents the Threads OG Collection, a coveted set within our Threads family. This must-have collection comprises 3000 unique Street Kids, featuring 290 distinct traits across 11 categories, including masks, head, eyes, earrings, mouth, clothing, pants, shoes, body, accessories, and backgrounds.

Explore the unparalleled world of Thriends on our Threads Page, where we proudly showcase exquisite artwork tailored for NFT collectors and fine art enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience, ensuring you stay ahead of the game in the dynamic realm of Thriends.

IEO of Thriends Token is already started on P2B

Building connections across various platforms, Thriends creates a strong sense of community engagement. For immediate updates and insights into upcoming events, it is highly recommended to follow the Threads account, ensuring an immersive experience within the dynamic world of Thriends.

During its initial phase, Thriends unveiled the Thriends Token (TT), designed exclusively for SKT holders. Engaging in staking Thriends NFTs enables participants to earn Thriends meme tokens, with the much-anticipated launch slated for 2024. The current staking rate is set at a generous 0.3 TT per second, offering substantial token rewards. However, with the gradual expansion of the NFT community, the staking rate will adjust accordingly.






Company Thriends Token


Media Contact Alex Milo 

City Sydney

Country Australia

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Organization: Thriends
Contact Person: Alex Milo
City: Sydney
Country: Australia

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