The Story of Brooke Sevigny From Art To Science

The Story of Brooke Sevigny From Art To Science

Using the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre, Music is created. Music connects one and all from different cultures around the world. Whether a human is happy or in pani, Music can help them transcend into a different altogether. People world over have used music to get over the pain and lead a better life.

Musical artist and writer Brooke Sevigny is one of them. Her art gave her solace during the worst times of her life. In the 9th grade when she was working on costume design and makeup artistry at Charter Arts school she got diagnosed with a genetic lung disorder. She used to be exhausted all the time, lacked focus and had to work thrice harder than peers on her studies.  But she did work harder in school and graduated a year early.

In her journey while struggling with the disease she realised the privilege she had of receiving good healthcare so she decided to help patients suffering from rare diseases by assisting the doctor who saved her life. In the period of her job she understood the importance of genetics and the role evolution played in the development of a healthy immune system. Public healthcare missed this large anthropological aspect, Brooke realised.

Brooke Sevigny then decided to attend college and study evolutionary anthropology in Hunters college, New York. She is now driven and passionate to pursue science and has been working on consecutive archeological excavations in Europe and many other labs in the Los Angeles area.

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