The Start of a New Era: TAILG’s Revolution in Sodium-Ion Batteries for Electric Two-Wheelers

The Start of a New Era: TAILG’s Revolution in Sodium-Ion Batteries for Electric Two-Wheelers

A new era for electric two-wheelers has begun with the announcement of TAILG’s latest sodium-ion battery technology, a global leader in the field. Outstanding long-range performance, longer warranties, better tolerance to low temperatures, and increased safety are all characteristics of this technology. The first luxury e-bikes with sodium-ion batteries will be offered by TAILG, and they will be first sold in China.

The first electric two-wheelers made by TAILG using sodium-ion battery technology are currently accessible.

Currently, the global market for electric two-wheelers is expanding at a rate of more than 20% annually. Range anxiety is still a major barrier to the industry’s success, even with these advancements.

The global premiere of TAILG’s sodium-ion battery solution at the China (Beijing) Light Electric Vehicle Battery Forum is a major turning point for the two-wheeler industry and the beginning of a new era for sodium-ion batteries. It also shows TAILG’s strong dedication to long-term solutions as it is the company’s first sodium-ion battery.

The TAILG Group’s executive president, Sun Muchu, outlined the four main benefits of their battery technology:

  • With a speed of 25 km/h, the battery can go a staggering 115 kilometers, even in below-freezing temperatures.
  • The lifespan is five to seven times longer than that of traditional lead-acid batteries, with over 2,000 cycles.
  • The battery is particularly well-suited for winter use because it maintains around 93% of its capacity at temperatures as low as -20°C.
  • Furthermore, because the entire pack is covered in IPX7-grade waterproof technology, the battery performs safer than industry requirements.

As part of its luxury e-bike lineup for the mid-to-premium consumer market, TAILG will integrate sodium-ion batteries.

TAILG wants to take advantage of its first-mover advantage in the sector by launching electric two-wheelers using sodium-ion batteries and building a whole ecosystem. In order to give TAILG a consistent competitive advantage in the sodium-ion battery market, the approach entails creating an extensive ecosystem that includes R&D, products, and marketing.

Recognized as a global leader in long-term solutions

The board of TAILG reaffirmed its dedication to putting the needs of customers first and improving the user experience in all of the company’s future initiatives during the company’s recent 20th anniversary celebration. They have declared plans to expand internationally in line with their goal of becoming the most popular brand in the world.

As part of their localization strategy, TAILG’s Vice President and President of the Overseas Business Group, Chen Yingsheng, announced the creation of an operation team. This action seeks to establish a worldwide standard. TAILG is dedicated to efficiency and innovation and is already well-known for its global R&D and design center. By utilising the Group’s strong manufacturing and supply chain competencies, TAILG has successfully created a worldwide presence in intelligent manufacturing.

On December 15, Frost & Sullivan, a well-known growth strategy consulting firm, recognized TAILG as one of the world’s pioneers in long-range electric two-wheelers. TAILG finished the certification process in September, having already been certified in September under China’s long-range electric vehicle regulations, which permits 100 km of driving on just 1 kWh of electricity. With this accomplishment, TAILG is positioned as an industry leader, leading the way in the adoption and application of cutting-edge standards.

TAILG is at the forefront of sustainable electric mobility solutions as a global pioneer in long-range electric two-wheelers. TAILG regularly participates in international programs related to electric mobility in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Furthermore, TAILG’s global reach is reinforced by its exclusive provision of electric two-wheelers to the United Nations.

TAILG’s long-range technology has been improved step by step, with the most recent iteration reaching up to 100 km/kWh from 50 km to 75 km. With this upgrade, the business enters a new phase of long-range electric two-wheeler development.


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