The sixth annual beauty pageant of Princesses of Paradise

The sixth annual beauty pageant of Princesses of Paradise

A very special event that is conveying a message to girls all over Florida and the states that are adjacent to it. The point: They should be celebrated for their differences.

For some friendly competition on Saturday, Princesses of Paradise brought together dozens of girls and their families.

The pageant showcases the beauty and talents of girls and women of all ages who have significant medical conditions or special needs that lower their self-esteem.

Mia Esperanza, who started the pageant, says that her goal is to give these girls an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Esperanza stated, “So, our whole mission is to re-define that beauty standard that we’re seeing on TikTok and Instagram, and instead change that to tell people that you’re beautiful because you’re an individual, not because you look like someone wants you to.” This is the definition of beauty that can be found on Instagram and TikTok.

Even though there is no higher title in this pageant than any other, the girls can engage in friendly competition in each distinct segment.

The majority of pageants have a “formal wear” section, but there are also numerous opportunities for the girls to show off their personalities.

“casual wear,” “photogenic,” and “the best part of me” are a few examples of these segments. In these segments, the girls show the audience what makes them happy through an outfit.

The contestants also came from Georgia and Alabama, marking the first time the pageant had girls from outside of Florida.

Princesses of Paradise hopes to further its mission by allowing girls to compete in places like hospitals and schools over the next few years.


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