The secret behind rising pro basketball player Eugene Campbell III

The secret behind rising pro basketball player Eugene Campbell III

At the age of 8, Eugene Campbell III’s father got him a basketball hoop set up in their driveway. Little did he know that this child would soon dream of going pro, and even playing in the NBA. Hailing from New Jersey, USA, Eugene Campbell III had a small chance of making it in, just around 0.007%. In the years to come Eugene Campbell has fought his way to the top, often confused about what to do, but never unsure of the final goal.

The sense of being excluded and unbelonging in a place was enough to demotivate a child, but challenges came even further when Eugene Campbell was kicked out of his baseball team because of his falling grades. Some of the partiality and the reason behind him not making it to the basketball team as a freshman was also racism. It is sad that even in the 21st century people have to go through such unfair treatment, but it only helped make Eugene Campbell III’s desire to rise to the top, even stronger.

But all this success did not come from a single day or year of practice, it had a lot of determination to become someone in life. All through his childhood, teenage years Eugene Campbell kept moving, never finding a permanent home. After having changed at least six schools, he realised that ultimately pursuing a professional career as an athlete would make him feel complete.

But don’t mistake this man as a basketball player only, he has a very successful business venture and community service organisation that is a personal initiative. His decision to give back to the community, with everything that he has, is what shows that the world is still a good place with people like him. He does not forget the challenges that were once in his life, and wishes to spread the same willingness to live life among other individuals. Homelessness is very common, and New Jersey is known to have many. Eugene Campbell has so far helped the people of his city, Pennsylvania, New York, Moldova, Utah, etc.

So, what are you looking for? Eugene Campbell III has shown thousands across the USA that being successful is not only about the talent but the possibility of seeking opportunities to succeed. Who knows, you might find the inspiration you were looking for to succeed in your life, from him! Till then, make sure you check out Eugene Campbell III and honey on their social media profiles linked down.

Derek Robins

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