The Qualities Of An Entrepreneur: Mohd Zaki

The Qualities Of An Entrepreneur: Mohd Zaki

Every individual has a distinguished personality, and according to their personalities and talents they decide a particular career path for themselves. However, have you ever wondered whether you will be able to succeed in whatever field you are practising at? The answer lies in whether you are doing the task passionately, in a logical manner or not.

Today we talk about Mohd Zaki, an entrepreneur who is a multi talented trader as well as investor, making use of his talents in the best way possible. We must have a look at the qualities and tips quoted by Mohd Zaki himself, which would prove to be extremely informative for such young entrepreneurs.

  • Risk taking

Mohd Zaki has taken a huge risk by prioritising entrepreneurship before any other field of industry. Most people expect him to be more diverse in nature, and think about better options but he remains fixed about his decision, because he has the capability of taking risks in life. Moreover, According to him, this is not like taking a risk, instead it is like investing in an industry that provides him with everything he has ever imagined, by making use of his qualities.

  • Research knowledge and strategy

Entrepreneur like Mohd Zaki needs to have a particular strategy in how they’re going to invest in certain businesses, trading only in the most advantageous fields.

  • Long run plans

Mohd Zaki has a lot of long run plans regarding his career, since he is already involved in trading and entrepreneurship, he looks for potential business organisations and brands who are having a lot of valuable material. This way, he can be sure whether the enterprise will still be existence in the long run or not, otherwise it is no use in grabbing an opportunity that is only going to last for a short duration of time.

  • Experience

Currently, Mohd Zaki is only an 18 year old. Since he is still completing his courses from University, there are a lot of doubts regarding him that people formulate. However, the people who have worked along with him would say otherwise, quoting how efficient and village and he has been in his work. This is all because of the work experience, he has certainly undergone a lot of situations and managed to figure them all out. Work experience is extremely important, after all, someone has to begin with it and then move forward.

Although is Mohd Zaki just an 18 year old, after the completion of his engineering degree from Delhi, his hometown, he plans to find a particular firm ground in this industry. It is not just his talents, it is also his outstanding personality and self belief that led him to such standards in entrepreneurship.

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