The Opposite of Sad – A talented singer

The Opposite of Sad – A talented singer

Do you know about The Opposite of Sad? He is an upcoming songwriter and singer based out of Los Angeles. Music is his talent and passion in which he is going to make his career. No doubt, he is very young but love for music has forced him to take it as a career in this young age by playing instruments in grade school. As per the singer, music was always the prime focal point of his life. In high school, he started playing in a few bands. He decided to pick up the laptop in 2012, and tried tout electronic music for the very first time.

According to him, he entered the music industry, and made his lifestyle lavish. This lifestyle made him use drugs and smoking. But, it was for a small time period. Soon he left all these things and came towards the music world again. In fact he wanted to make his career in music more eagerly and passionate than ever before. Therefore, he thought of leaving the place and moving to his new residence in Los Angeles. This is the right place where he considers that he will find his life dreams come true. Writing songs and creating music were his two considerations and he did this with great interest. 

There were two causes that became his inspirations and he entered the music industry. In fact, a woman has rejected him, this rejection in love seems in his song that he has already released at the beginning of this month.  The other passion is smoking.

You can view your favorite star online on all online streaming platforms. He has accomplished more than 500 thousand streams.  With this huge number, he is getting popularity all over the world. 

Today, people know him as a rising star of the present time. Venturing in the world of melodic business particularly when someone is not familiar to the business isn’t simple. For most individuals, it is difficult to deal with the difficulties of the cutting-edge musical world because the path isn’t smooth for individuals. Comparable, is the situation with The Opposite of Sad, he is an artist who has battled difficult to form your place in the new industry. In the present time, the star has released his music and tracks in a new way since these are created in a unique way. All his tracks are extraordinary for most of the individuals. For the star melody is an enthusiasm and he likes to create and make new tones.He has determined which portion is suitable for him to sing. On all streaming platforms online, you can get his songs and enjoy his music. On instagram, he uses to upload his music, recent updates about his routines, pictures and many more. You can view his detailed profile and his instagram account on With the huge fan bank, he is available for all his fans and followers all the time.

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