The mysterious ‘Blue Hole’ off the Florida coast attracts scientists and researchers

The mysterious ‘Blue Hole’ off the Florida coast attracts scientists and researchers

Researchers and different adventurers of the profound are preparing to explore a maritime puzzle off the coast of Florida.

The objective of their investigation is a mysterious “blue hole” — a hole that opens up on the sea floor, like the sinkholes that collapse ashore.

The site, known as the “Green Banana,” is off Florida’s Gulf Coast, as per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It’s 155 feet beneath the water’s surface. The opening itself is 425 feet down.

The mission leaves in August and will comprise of a group of researchers from Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida Atlantic University, Georgia Institute of Technology and the U.S. Land Society, NOAA says.

Blue holes are strange as researchers think minimal about them, yet the wonder gives a desert spring of various natural life, which can incorporate corals, wipes, mollusks, ocean turtles, sharks and that’s just the beginning, NOAA said.

A year ago, researchers investigated a blue opening, Amberjack, off the bank of Sarasota where they discovered two bodies of the jeopardized smalltooth sawfish.

Past watching sea life, researchers are additionally planning to respond to key inquiries concerning blue holes including whether their submersion is associated with Florida’s groundwater or if there is groundwater interruption into the Gulf of Mexico.

The undertaking is relied upon to conclude in 2021.

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