The launch date for SpaceX’s fifth attempt at a Falcon Heavy mission has been revealed

The launch date for SpaceX’s fifth attempt at a Falcon Heavy mission has been revealed

The U.S. Space Force will use SpaceX’s triple-booster Falcon Heavy rocket to launch an experimental spacecraft into orbit. The company has disclosed the new target launch date for this mission.

The private spaceflight company has declared that Thursday, December 28 is the latest date it plans to launch.

SpaceX abstained from launching the rocket four times in a row last week. The launch site at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida experienced bad weather, and there was an unidentified “side issue” on the ground. When the mission finally launches, it will be the rocket’s eighth launch in its five-year history, and no indication of a problem with the rocket itself has ever surfaced.

The liftoff from the Falcon Heavy, which has 5.5 million pounds of thrust at launch, is expected to be quite spectacular for anyone watching it live or in person.

The company’s next-generation Starship vehicle, which consists of the first-stage Super Heavy rocket and second-stage Starship spacecraft, is far more powerful than the Falcon Heavy, despite being three times more powerful than SpaceX’s reliable Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon Heavy failed to reach orbit on its first two test flights, the most recent of which was conducted last month.

The Space Force’s X-37B spacecraft will be launched by the Falcon Heavy on its seventh mission since its launch in 2010. According to the Space Force, while in orbit, the unmanned space shuttle-like vehicle will carry out a number of tests, such as flying in “new orbital regimes, experimenting with future space domain awareness technologies, and investigating the radiation effects on materials provided by NASA.”


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