5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Expert

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Expert

Do you have a wet basement? Well, you’re not alone. 98% of basements have water problems. And every year, there’s a 15% increase in people getting help with their basements.

Water in basements can lead to more serious issues if not tackled on time. Your home is most likely your most valuable possession, so it makes the most sense that you put adequate time and precision into choosing experts to fix the faults and leaks.

If you’ve got a leaky basement that you need help with, be sure to contact All American Basement Waterproofing or other such reputed agencies. These experts can keep your basements dry. Trust them to solve your waterproofing needs.

Nonetheless, the purpose of this article is to equip you with a few factors to use as guidelines when you’re hiring basement waterproofing experts. Here are the top 5 factors:

1. Quality Manpower and Equipment

Your basement may need more than just a little fix. You may need to pull out a few structures, replace a wall, or even build up a fortifying structure.

You should make sure that you hire a basement waterproofer who has all the right people and equipment for the job.

You risk extra costs in the long run if your contractor uses substandard materials for the project. If you can, inspect the items they intend to use for the reconstruction and get an external opinion on the quality of these materials.

2. Specialization

Not every construction expert is an expert in basement waterproofing. You need to hire a specialized professional who knows the specific procedures involved in fixing faulty drainage systems.

A contractor with adequate experience will be able to detect faults that may be elusive to non-experts. They’ll tackle unexpected hazards that occur during the process and leave your basement in perfect condition when they’re done.

Constructors who specialize in waterproofing basements know how to balance functionality with aesthetics. They’ll help you curb the water problems without ruining the interior decor of your basement. And, if there’s any need for improved decor, they’ll help you redecorate, for an extra fee, of course.

Also, specialized constructors are more likely to offer you a warranty for their basement waterproofing services because they are confident that you won’t run into any need for repairs anytime soon.

3. Costs

Good things don’t always come cheap, but you do not necessarily have to spend your life savings to get a dry basement. When a contractor comes to assess your basement, ask them for a quote after they’ve diagnosed the problem.

It wouldn’t hurt to keep your options open. Feel free to contact more than one experienced contractor and compare their pricing options.

4. Licensing

A licensed contractor will know the rules and regulations regarding basement construction in that region. And, while they work, they’ll make sure that all of your structures are constructed within the guidelines so you do not have to face any lawsuits after they’re done and gone.

5. Insurance

Insurance always comes in handy for structural repairs. If there are any unexpected hazards, the insurance company can step up to cover the losses and damages that result. Be sure to ask for and verify the insurance policies of your potential hires before you sign the contract.

Wrapping up

A good basement waterproofing company will have the right experts, equipment, and solutions for your leaky basement. They’ll also have a portfolio of pictures to show you the good work they’ve done with other people’s basements. You can use the factors listed above as criteria when you review all the evidence they present.

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