The inspiring life story of Scott Hughes: Creator of

The inspiring life story of Scott Hughes: Creator of

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

                                                      ― Walt Disney Company, Mulan

The success of any person depends on the amount of hard work one does to achieve their goal. It is a constant process and your efforts should never be stopped. For Scott Michael Hughes, these are not just mere words, but it is the principle to which he lives by. Even after running his website, OnlineBookClub, for more than 15 years, Scott has never stopped working for it. He is always trying to find ways to improve his website and provide a better experience to the members of OnlineBookClub

Scott Hughes was born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut. As he transitioned to adulthood, Scott sought to do more than a typical day job. Rather, he always wanted to do something which would positively impact society. According to Scott, education is the best gift one can give to young people as education is what truly empowers people. This passion to educate extended especially towards arts and literature. So, it was only natural that he decided to start his own “book club” where others could join, discuss, learn, and teach. However, Scott wanted to do more than host a traditional book club. As such, using his expertise in website design and community interaction, Scott launched an online book reading club which developed into Not many people are aware of it, but it was a landmark achievement as Amazon Kindle was not yet released and eBooks were generally limited to tech-savvy people. Given this background, in 2006,Scott Hughes and OnlineBookClub were pioneers in this field.

OnlineBookClub is a unique web forum that is dedicated to book reading and related discussions. It is entirely community-driven and the catalytic element in the success of the website is the fact that it is free of cost and can be accessed by people from any country in the world. Recently, OnlineBookClub’s user-based surged, surpassing two million. This remarkable achievement is all the more impressive considering that Scott never did any forced-marketing campaigns for OnlineBookCluband the user-base solely grew through word of mouth and people-to-people interactions. In the past decade, OnlineBookClub went through many significant changes and now its content covers all genres. It is a rarity among online platforms in that it is cherished by all age groups and nationalities. According to Scott Hughes, the main motive behind creating this wonderful online open platform is to provide millions of people free access to literature and discussion which otherwise is unavailable to them. You can learn more about it from Scott himself as he regularly interacts with the users through his social media, Instagram: @scott_hughes/ or Twitter: @scottmhughes. Visit the website at

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