The Inside Scoop on Hakeem White: From 30k in Debt to Millionaire at Only 26

The Inside Scoop on Hakeem White: From 30k in Debt to Millionaire at Only 26

Only a few people in the world can claim success in life at such a young age as Hakeem White. No, he wasn’t born rich and used his parents’ money to start his online coaching business. Before reaching this point in his life, Hakeem had to work hard and overcome multiple hurdles.

He experienced rejection and mockery and had to persevere when his business struggled in its early years. But now, it’s a different story. 

Hakeem White’s online coaching business is currently booming. He hit six figures at the age of 24, earned his first 100k a month at 25-years-old, and recently made his first million at 26 last year. It doesn’t even end there.

Hakeem White is also helping fellow 9-5 workers start an online coaching business and succeed in the industry. He shares his strategy and secrets for creating an online coaching business to turn others into six figure earners. After all those hardships, Hakeem reinvented himself into a successful young man and a true value-giver.

Hakeem’s early life

Hakeem White, born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1994, moved with his dad to Florida at the young age of 5-years-old after his parents split. With only $500 to their name, their life wasn’t easy as they had to couch surf for years to get by. When he started elementary school, Hakeem quickly understood how difficult it was to pay the daily $2.49 for school lunch.

He started his entrepreneurial hustle selling candies in the 3rd grade. His childhood had instilled in Hakeem the importance of resourcefulness and an ability to adapt. Shortly after, his dad told him that lunch was finally free since he was doing so well in school.

What he didn’t know at that time was that they were getting food stamps and government aid. During middle school, Hakeem didn’t have much luck in making friends. It carried on through high school until he started to work out on putting on a little muscle.

The birth of his passion for fitness

Hakeem White ended up studying Nutrition at the University of Florida with plans of becoming a Dietitian. Getting accepted into this top-ranked institution in 2012 was a significant moment in his life since it was his first big life win. But things didn’t stay as promising as they seemed as his college life went on.   

At that time, fitness truly became Hakeem’s passion, and he fell in love with working out. People would always see him spending time at the gym or screaming “Gainz” all around the campus. He became known as the gym guy, and with his muscles, girls finally started showing their interest in him.

Two years into his college life, Hakeem decided to turn his passion for fitness into a career. He tried to get certified through the school’s personal trainer program but got rejected twice. Each time he had to re-apply, Hakeem had to wait for four months. It tested his commitment, determination, and passion for fitness.

Hakeem finally got it in his third try. He became a certified trainer and began working in the gym. He also got a side job on campus as an RA to start paying off his massive student debt. Between juggling two jobs and studying for classes, Hakeem had his plates full.

The start of his business

By 2015, Hakeem was getting tired of working long hours and barely getting paid for his personal gym training sessions. He decided to start his own training business and file for his LLC. A few months after starting it, Hakeem couldn’t meet one of the clients, so they asked him to make an online program to send instead.   

His client loved it, so Hakeem decided to offer all his customers the online program for $20. He didn’t have to give up his time, yet all his clients still got the results they wanted. It was a success, so Hakeem focused most of his attention on his online business.

But because he was prioritizing his business more than everything else, his grades plummeted, and his GPA ended up only around 2.0. To top it off, he also got fired from his RA job. This was in 2016, his last and most important year in college.

Failure is often a blessing in disguise

To become a registered dietitian, you need to complete hands-on clinical experience through a dietetic internship. While most of his classmates only applied to three internship programs, Hakeem applied to ten during his final term in college to increase his chances of getting in.

On results day, the entire class got together to find out who made it. Everyone, including Hakeem, wasn’t worried since only one person didn’t get into any internship in the last four years. But as each of his classmates saw their acceptance notice, dread consumed Hakeem as he scrolled down his portal page and only saw rejection after rejection.  

His classmates knew it, so they laughed at him quietly and gave him wary looks. As Hakeem left, he heard someone mocking him and saying it’s what he deserved for starting an online business in school. He barely graduated college and moved back home with nothing except his business.

The stain of his failure lingered, and Hakeem found himself downhearted with nothing to show but 30k of student debt. In his first year back home, he struggled to figure out how to run his online business full-time and make it successful. Hakeem only made a measly $2,000 that whole year. He had to pick up a few 9-to-5’s and dead-end jobs in-between handling his business to get by.

In 2017, Hakeem earned $6,000 and had some minor progress, but he was still stuck. He knew he needed help but wasn’t sure what to do. He took out a loan in 2018 and got help from a coach, but it, unfortunately, didn’t work out. Hakeem was at an all-time low on this point. Not only was he in an even worse debt, but he was also just about ready to give up.

However, Hakeem realized that the only true failure is quitting. He pulled himself together, and a week later, he decided to study the most successful online businesses. Before he knew it, he was already taking bits and pieces of different models and combining his own experience to create a simple 3-step strategy but for online coaching

From having 30k in debt to earning 1 million

When he launched his new program, he made $5,000 in the first week alone, almost the same amount he made the entire year of 2017. Hope started to blossom as he hit $10,000 in the first month and over $120,000 that year.

Hakeem could finally pay all his debts and still had more than enough left. Two years after his classmates mocked him, he was making thrice as much as the average dietitian. Hakeem left his dead-end jobs and went full-time online. He was finally living the dream life he always wanted.

By 2019, a few of his friends asked him how his business became such a success. Hakeem decided to help them for free, told them about his strategy, and showed them how to do it. To his surprise, the strategy worked for all of them and they earned at least $10,000 within the first month.

Word spread, and others asked Hakeem for help. As a value giver, Hakeem knows that life is more significant and meaningful because of the value you contribute to other people’s lives and not by what you accumulate. His passion for fitness shifted towards helping other people succeed online.

Even though he was earning more through his online fitness program than his business coaching, Hakeem still went all in. He may have made his first million at the age of 26, but that doesn’t compare to the value of changing people’s lives.

In 2020, Hakeem helped over 129 coaches cross 6-figures with their online ventures. This year, he plans on helping 1,000 more get started in the same industry. He strives to help people reach their 6-figure goals and eventually become millionaires.

Despite being a millionaire, Hakeem doesn’t have a mansion, designer clothes, sports cars, expensive jewelry, or packs of women. This successful young man is only a simple guy who works hard for his clients to achieve their dreams.

He is inviting anyone looking to learn his three-step strategy on how to start an online coaching business for free. You can message him through Messenger and you can also get to know more about Hakeem through Instagram.

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