The first token to generate stable rewards and correct market inefficiencies through self-arbitrage

The first token to generate stable rewards and correct market inefficiencies through self-arbitrage

Self-arbitraging tokens were unheard of before Lilcoin forayed into the cryptocurrency markets.

Ever wondered if all trades guarantee profits, what would be the scenario? Traders know before entering the markets that they’re going to rake in the moolah, no matter where the markets move, that’ll be interesting and quite a lucrative proposition, however, sounds like an infeasible situation scarcely bound to subsist in reality. Trading would become the smoothest ride for players, who’d exploit it till no end. Guaranteed profits don’t exist in real life scenarios, but the most proximate that comes to it is arbitrage trading where traders are vigorously trying to capitalize the opportunities, entering trades and swish out profit margins in a jiffy. Human mind is incapable of executing trades at lightning celerity, and is not well-equipped to handle such speeds and volumes, that’s the reason algorithms are developed by high frequency trading firms, to help traders executing their bets in this sphere.

Though fewer risks are involved here, the most opportunities are whisked off by big players, leaving less room for retail traders who end up making very less or no profits even in an arbitrage scenario. So what’s the way out here? There are some reasons to rejoice for small players with the exordium of Lilcoin, a one of its kind self-arbitraging token, loaded with features never seen before as it has a built-in algorithm that perpetually undertakes arbitrage, redressing any liquidity pools it is offered on, which means stable prices, less peril, higher liquidity and above all, no fees with consistent profits, cutting off the trepidation of sizably voluminous losses. Defi has definitely opened up a plethora of opportunities yet market inefficiencies play spoilsport as price disparities of the same asset across distinct pools are propitious to big institutions, the gap which is now filled with the prelude of Lilcoin.

Consistent and stable rewards backed by a zero free environments makes it all the more lucrative for traders. The future visually perceives them establishing incipient standards for ERC-20 tokens where arbitrage is accessible for everyone.

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Derek Robins

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