The Fastest-growing Digital AD agency, $0 To $6.3 million in 2 years – Newsopreneur Media PVT LTD

The Fastest-growing Digital AD agency, $0 To $6.3 million in 2 years – Newsopreneur Media PVT LTD

Lstmedia now newsopreneur media PVT LTD was started by harsh Vardhan Sharma in 2018 has grown to become a multi-million dollar brand in almost no time.

Harsh Vardhan Sharma has also made the headlines before for his intriguing concept of “turning News into Knowledge” newsopreneur is coming up with its own app working on aggregator business model aims to summarize news in form of pictures and then giving lessons to be learned from each news which people can apply into their life.

Though that sounds compelling enough, harsh’s real success comes with his Media agency which has over 150+ clients some big names including oppo, one plus, dream 11, etc…

Harsh got introduced to internet marketing back when jio came up with their revolutionary offer of 1 year internet free. He got access to internet for the first time.

He admits that he had watched 100’s of videos on the topic called “make money online” tried almost everything. He had created 50+ videos and posted it on YouTube, and nobody subscribed but his family.

There was almost a time when he had almost quitted like many people.

He recalls, “thanks to a guy I met in Ranchi named Nishant he became the motivational coach I needed. I spent good times with him sharing ideas and he was the only who motivated me to start Lstmedia which later turned out to be a massive success.”

It took him almost 2 years to make any money but along the process of failing he was learning a lot of things which he used today as his branding message. He likes to say it as, “your mess becomes your message. Because almost everyone else is going through the same thing and if you tell your truth those who’re going through the same thing will connect with you”

And indeed his strategies worked!

He started instagram page and he used to grow any page of any niche from 0 to 100k with almost no money and sell it for $4 to $5k and that’s how ge got started.

Well I became an expert in building following but the part I was lacking which most people lacks is monetizing their audience. I went through some courses about internet marketing, direct response marketing, and especially Garyvee who’s like tom cruise of entrepreneurial world. That’s where I came up with this idea of Gary has vainer media I can have my own agency as well and help other brands grow their followings. They know how to monetize it and I know how to grow it, harsh added

Everybody wanted to grow their social following and because of working in a trending industry harsh added his first client in 2018 and registered Lstmedia which means Long term sales treasure which later renamed as Newsopreneur and in less than 2 year not only he learned how to monetize his audience he was able to add over 150 clients including big corporate and generated a mouth watering $100 million in revenue for his clients combined.

Harsh Vardhan Sharma’s Newsopreneur media PVT LTD is estimated to be worth $6.3 million as of 2021.

Here’s the 3 step system he used to grow not only his agency from 0 to 6.3 million dollars but generated over $100 million dollars for his clients as well:

Step 1: Business Audit

In order to find a way to “where you want to go” you need to “where you’re right now”. Newsopreneur do a complete audit of their clients from their monthly revenue to their client’s acquisition systems their competition, their client acquisition systems what their industry leaders are doing.

Step 2: Business Mission

Studying their competition and industry leader gives us a clear what their numbers are, where they are dominating, what’s their successful client Acquisition systems etc…That gives us the answer of “where our clients are lagging behind from their industry leaders” Once we have the answer we drive our focus only on those areas to either match the leader or surpass them.

Most people think if we want to become the best we need to do something different while that is not completely true. You just need to position yourself as unique and different and do the exact same thing as your industry leaders because those systems and methods are already proven to work if they’re being used by the one who’s on top. “Why reinvent the wheel when you can paint it and present it as an unique wheel’’ harsh added.

Step 3: Becoming the industry leader

They use a 6 steps system to win any market

Step 1: creating online presence, More than 70% people search on Google about the brand or company before making any financial commitments. Having social media isn’t enough. you need to be on Google when people search for you or your competition.

Step 2: Creating ‘chakraview’, chakraview word is taken from the Indian series “Mahabharata” which was designed in a way that once a person enters the chakraview they won’t get out.

Harsh kept this name because he said, “we crease a client acquisition system in such a way that once a person comes in your sales funnel/sales process they can’t get out without purchasing it.”

Step 3: Building social media profile, whyspend money on Ads if you can get customers for free? Over 89% of the purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. You’re on average spending $300 to $400 depending on your location to reach 40,000 people and on our instagram page @newsopreneur for example we get on a daily basis over 200,000 reach without spending a dime. There are zillions of arguments about organic and paid marketing, paid marketing is better in a sense where you an exactly target the person you want to but having social following builds credibility and trust in your brand which helps you to sell products without even selling it.

Step 4: Traffic Generation, #1 skill any entrepreneur or businessman can acquire is the ability to turn ads into profits. Internet might go away, social media might go away but advertising will always be there and if you learn how to advertise correctly you can make any business successful. From billboards & magazine to radios to television to internet to social media. Only the medium changes not advertisements.

Step 5: conversions, the only reason why I was able to grow my agency so fast is I know how to use advertisements; I’ve spent 10’s of millions of dollars on ads for our clients and been successfully able to generate 1.5x to 2.5x ROAS each time predictably. You put a dollar in and get 2 back and this is impossible to do if you don’t know how to convert visitors into customers.

S many big companies spend billions of dollars on advertisements but have very poor sales systems in place to convert those visitors in customers.

Most of the clients who comes to us can’t spend millions let alone billions on ads that’s why we have a specific system in place to increase conversions.


There’s a simple analogy, let’s say your competition  gets 100 store visits and you only gets 10.

Out of those 100, 20 people buy $10 product from him that’s $200 in revenue.

 And out of 10, 8 people buys your $2 product and out of those 8 4 gets your $10 products and out of those 4 only 2 buys a $20 product and out of those 2 only 1 purchase your $100 product.

Your total revenue from 10 people is 2*8 = $16; 4*$10 = $40; 2*$20 = $40; 1*$100 = $100

Total = $16 + $40 + $40 + $100 = $196 dollars.

What you say is the real secret sauce of success if you don’t have enough money to spend and compete with your competition. Your ability to convert existing customers is what decides if you’ll succeed or not.

I learned this concept when I was studying john Paul dejoria he says “never be in the selling business, always be in the re-ordering business” harsh added.

Newsopreneur media’s social handle: @newsopreneur

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