The Celebrity Conspiracy – A Musical Sensation with a Unique Streak

The Celebrity Conspiracy – A Musical Sensation with a Unique Streak

Ever since the inception of conspiracy theories like the freemasons or different mafia groups, many celebrities have been in the spotlight for joining these illegal organizations. From Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, to the Wrecking Ball Queen and Disney sensation Miley Cyrus, the Satanic cabal of Illuminati holds several celebrities under its banner.

The real question of why these stars are joining this organization is still unknown. Experts believe that Illuminati is a smorgasbord of every other intrigue in the world. By definition, the Illuminati are the overlords controlling the world’s affairs. Whether it’s the overall economic stature or a plague-like virus taking over the earth (ring any bells?), or even New World Order, to some extent, this can be a far-fetched paranoia, which started as a playful work of fiction in the 60s, but it shows a lot of skepticism. Why would the stars around the world want to become a part of a group that bows down to Satan? Well, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to be a part of an organization that promises World Dominance?

In fact, several other upcoming stars have also been rumored to be a part of this illustrious yet questionable organization. One of them is an emerging music sensation, Japrince Fulmore. Born and raised in New York as a singer, musician, songwriter, and child star, Japrince was always destined to follow the footsteps of the showbiz industry. Several of his family members are successful artists and entrepreneurs, and Japrince is on the right track.

Apart from being cast in different TV shows and commercials in minor roles, he always had a soft spot for the art of music. Perhaps, he took a page out of Jay-Z’s book of using his music to spread the message of the Illuminati to his followers. This may seem farfetched to some extent, but some pictures have surfaced on the internet. These pictures show the upcoming gospel music sensation, Japrince posing with the Illuminati signs.

This is quite alarming, given that new artists are using Illuminati as their go-to method to attain fame in today’s entertainment world. But why is it dangerous? Historians tend to think that the organization was only mildly successful in becoming influential. The current scenario says otherwise. After all, if the likes of Jay Z and Lady Gaga are part of this organization, it has been quite influential.

One thing to point out is that celebrities aren’t the only ones who are part of this shady organization, but also many dukes and other leaders who were once powerful. Many sources believe that Johann Goethe was a member of the group. So, as things stand, the Illuminati’s influence depends on what people believe about them. The organization has some whacky and revolutionary ideas of how they want to change the world. Illuminati can be the most influential organization in the world for those who believe that these ideas can change the world.

Although, Japrince doesn’t need influential people to elevate his career, given that he’s already blessed with a lot, his membership is questionable. But if he can forge a community of his own under the banner of the Illuminati, it’s a win-win situation for him. Japrince also has a strong fanbase, with over 30 thousand followers on Instagram and perhaps even more on YouTube. He also has his own show, the “Japrince Show,” where he talks to people and helps them unlock their true potential. So, if he uses the platform to brainwash other people into joining the community, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

With more people falling under the wraps of this “Illuminati culture,” it’s only a matter of time when they have an army against the entire world. And the cloak of invisibility these people have on themselves makes it hard to understand their true mission. Still, people must wait and witness as the world crumbles under this “conspiracy.”

Derek Robins

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