The 4E Design Approach of The Slide, Portabl by Charlee Jeunehomme

The 4E Design Approach of The Slide, Portabl by Charlee Jeunehomme

“Our daily mission is to make your life easier and help you adapt to the new way of working thanks to ever-changing technology, by doing everything possible to promote productivity and mobility.”

~ Charlee Jeunehomme, Laurent Wéry and Thomas Castro, founders of Portabl.

In 2015, three entrepreneurs in the heart of Belgium came up with a simple idea, guided by a corporate mission – to reinvent the portability and efficiency of people all around the world. After several thousand hours of hard work, intense R&D, and redesigns, they invented the world’s first triple screen extension for laptops on a single USB cable.

They came to the market with the right product, at the right time (during the pandemic). As the working conditions have changed drastically. Millions of people continue to partially work from outside traditional office spaces and need to carry on their productive set up anywhere. So, Portabl has manufactured the perfect solution for laptop users.

Based on the studies made by the University of Utah, NY Times, Microsoft, Apple & Dell:

Dual monitors can boost an individual’s task completion rates by approximately 38% – saving up to 3 hours a day.

The company introduced a new product ‘The Slide’ with a ‘4E’: extensibility, extendibility, expandability, and extractability, design approach. This particular approach allows the reconfigurable displays to change their form factors to accommodate more screen real estate for more users, applications, and functionality.

Portabl has developed a tool that is extremely easy to use, lightweight and offers maximum freedom between different workspaces. Either it is at home, in the office, at a café, or wherever you want. A user can easily play a game, change songs, and answer Insta DMs without even having to ALT+TAB (switch windows). And we are totally here for it.

As stated by Charlee Jeunehomme;

“At Portabl, we strongly believe in the technologies of tomorrow. We are driven by the vision of reinventing the portability and immersive experience of millions of laptop users around the world, so you can easily understand that we have a crucial role to play in the Metaverse. —> The good news for us is that the more the world moves towards the virtual, the more inevitable it becomes to use the laptop as support. All of these virtual worlds have common support, which is the monitor and it’s a unique opportunity for us because we offer more space to anyone. 3x more space to be immersed”.

Instagram: @charlee.jeunehomme

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