Tesla Introduces Six New Cybertruck Wrapper Colors

Tesla Introduces Six New Cybertruck Wrapper Colors

Tesla increased the number of Cybertruck wrap colors available to 11 this week by adding six more to its online store. The new wrap colors, which come in six different hues and cost $6,500 apiece, include copper tinted transparent, satin dark gray, tactical green, iridescent purple, and forest green.

View all eleven of Tesla’s Cybertruck color paint film choices below.

  • Forest Green: $6,500
  • Rose gold satin ($6,500)
  • $6,500 for Satin Abyss Blue
  • Grey Slip ($6,000)
  • ($6,000) Satin Stealth Black
  • White Satin Ceramic ($6,000)
  • $6,500 for Satin Crimson Red
  • Purple Iridescent ($6,500)
  • Green Tactical ($6,500)
  • Dark Grey Satin ($6,500)
  • $6,500 for Copper Tinted Clear

Since Tesla introduced the satin rose gold, satin abyss blue, and slip grey options last month, these are the newest wrap colors to hit the store. After debuting the service last year, Tesla also introduced a second colored wrap option for the Model 3 and Model Y in January.

Apart from the colored Cybertruck covers, Tesla also offers a clear satin film for $5,000 on its website, which is marginally less expensive. Any of these purchase prices also cover the cost of installation and materials. Additionally, Tesla mentions that it will give customers a loaner car while the installation is being done.

For the first time, Tesla introduced car wraps at a service center outside of California, after first only offering them at a few select California sites. At its Collision South center in Austin, Texas, the carmaker now provides Cybertruck and other wrap services in addition to those in West Covina, Oceanside, Costa Mesa, and Santa Clara, California.

Before the formal introduction of the electric vehicle (EV) in November of last year, cybertrucks with distinctive wrap patterns were being seen. Just one day after the firm first introduced Model 3 and Model Y wraps, several insiders in October predicted that Tesla would probably offer Cybertruck coverings within six months of its arrival.

Sanchita Patil

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