Teddy Bandits Collectible System Presents An Exciting Roadmap For Its Members

Teddy Bandits Collectible System Presents An Exciting Roadmap For Its Members

The Teddy Bandits are here to offer one of the most exciting collectible games to the NFT enthusiasts. There’s a collection of 4,999 Teddy Bears which can be purchased as an NFT by the members. These NFTs further act as exclusive currency for the virtual showroom or marketplace. 

The members can select from the highly valuable items listed at the marketplace and can buy them in exchange for the NFTs. Initially available at the base price, these NFTs will keep on seeing a surge in value after they are exchanged with luxurious items available for purchase. Once someone exchanges the NFT with the item they want to buy, it will be listed for sale again – this time at a higher price. This will create a chain where the value of an NFT will keep on increasing and the members can reap maximum benefit out of it.

The marketplace will include highly valued items that are worth anywhere from 10k-300k$. The items will include expensive watches, cars and also NFTs from huge projects like MAYC or simply Ethereum tokens.

The team Teddy Bandits has come up with an exciting roadmap for the NFT.

In the first phase, the limited whitelisted members can purchase the NFTs at the base price. To be among the whitelisted members and participate in the presale you need to stay connected with the team through Discord. While maximum members will be selected through Discord, a part of it will be picked from Twitter as well.

The second stage will be about Taking off. There will be two phases of the sale. Once the presale is complete, the little remaining NFTs will be open to the public. To give a fair chance to everyone, it will be ensured that any whitelisted member doesn’t get more than 1 exclusive mint at a low price.

Once the public sale is complete, the whole collection will be revealed to the holders in the third phase. The entire collection will be available on OpenSea and the team Teddy Bear Bandits has ensured to offer some surprises to the team.

The fourth phase is about the Bandit code which is to be followed by everyone. The code will be a fine on secondary sales on all members leaving the community and that money will be used for the growth of the bandits and loot spread between them.

Next phase is where The Teddy Bandits members will have their loot assorted to them randomly in a system that will ensure equal fairness to all members. The amount of loot may vary but there will be more chances because the treasure sharing will be done every month or on a semi-monthly basis. The members will also be given exclusive access to Roadmap 2.0.

As mentioned above, the last phase will be about making luxury items available for purchase in exchange for the NFTs. The items will be handpicked keeping the value in mind. This will enhance the use of the NFT and will attach it to an ecosystem where it’s value will keep on increasing.

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