Tasting Through Art: Caroline BRUN’s Synesthetic Masterpieces

Tasting Through Art: Caroline BRUN’s Synesthetic Masterpieces

In the realm of viniculture, a domain where the mastery of taste is revered, Caroline BRUN distinguishes herself not merely as a super host to explain her native Champagne region but as an artisan seamlessly intertwining instinct and soul to craft a distinctive and must-see multi-sensory encounter through her artworks. Her artistic expedition delves into the intricate interconnections between flavor, hue, texture, and sentiment, transforming the act of savoring wine into an elevated and unparalleled dimension.

Caroline’s synesthetic method in art mirrors the nuanced amalgamation of senses, akin to the intricate notes and flavors discovered in the diverse spectrum of wines she encounters. Her artistic methods and genres echo the intricacy and opulence of the wines she samples, producing canvases that resonate with the vibrancy and diversity found in the wines themselves. Every artwork is unique.

As a participant in global tasting panels and as  an educated grower in Aÿ, a grand cru village, Caroline’s discerning palate is not only finely tuned but functions as a tool that paints with consciousness. Each piece of art  transmutes the character of a wine into a meticulously orchestrated interplay of granularities or into a vertical cascade of gold, capturing the very essence of its liveliness. The vitality experienced on the palate can be translated into an animated gesture on canvas, while a meticulously crafted wine finds representation in a precise knife stroke, embodying the artist’s mastery of pictorial technique.

Caroline’s distinct signature is unassuming yet recognizable. As a self taught artist, she didn’t want to sign her works, she found her signature in upcycling residues. She employs a humble metal clip, the kind employed to secure corks during the long maturation of select prestige champagne bottles in cellars. This unassuming staple forms the letter ‘C,’ symbolizing both Caroline, Champagne and Creativity. It serves as a subtle acknowledgment of her role in repurposing grapes and wine residues into art, encapsulating the core of her contribution to the world of wine.

In her artistic expression, Caroline transcends the confines of her subject matter, seamlessly merging with the very essence of wine itself. Her creations extend beyond mere paintings; they embark on an intimate odyssey into the heart of the grape, commemorating the symbiosis between palate and palette.

Step into Caroline BRUN’s sensitive and poetic realm, where audacity resiliency and innovation converge. Through her art, she beckons us to explore wine beyond the realms of taste and aroma, urging us to embrace the visual and tactile elements that transform each sip into a multi-sensory escapade. As she persists in unraveling the intricate dance between wine and art, Caroline BRUN etches an enduring mark on the canvas of both worlds, underscoring that the pursuit of pleasure can be as artistic as it is flavorful. Recognized as the best international artist in 2021 by the MAVV (Wine Art Museum of Portici in Italy), she waves both the wine and the art world with her abstract art which is not one .

La dégustation visuelle as she  calls it, is an art to relish without restraint for sure.

Derek Robins

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