Tanjina Ashraf Khan Mou, is one from those youth who achieved their dream with soulful spirit, patience and persistence, at a very early age.
She is the mental health professional, Author, CEO and founder of one the most popular psychological centres,
” MentCouch International” which lies in the heart of Kuala Lumpur { Malaysia }.
The centre boomed and gained fame only within 9 months into its operations. It is the fruit of Tanjina khan’s hardship. She started her journey as an entrepreneur in March 2020, with the same company.
She is the award winning women of,
“The Global healthcare Championship”.

Tanjina khan’s mental health musings are featured in many prestigious manifesto.
Last year in 2020 her thoughts got the space in the “Indian Express” newspaper and this year also in February 2021 on the issue of ” Forbes India”. She mentioned that financial independence of women is related with mental well-being.


Her aim is not only to serve in Malaysia, but spreading mental health awareness globally.
That’s why she had also proposed online programmes. ( Some videos are in youtube )
She is the one who introduced ” Mental health leave” within her company.
She has always wanted to live a normal, satisfied life. It was her dream to be successful. But now after this corona period, she is more clear to brush up her talents and engross the field in which she is and fully engross in giving back to the society. She is moving up the quality ladder quite fast with her services and kindness. Also, she is reaching beyond borders.


This company is unique because, it provides friendly and nurturing space not only for people with disorders. But for everyone who wants to improve and requires guidance. It’s focus is not only on disorders but also also on wellbeing aspects like Meditation, Yoga and expressive art, working as counter attack to any disease.

Her foundation is rich with :-
Knowledge regarding various theoretical approaches, specialization in resilience training, Behavioral psychology, Positive psychology etc.
This foundation is a safe place that welcomes everyone.
It specializes in the following areas:
Therapeutic yoga, psychological consultations, counselling services and metal health assessment.

To know more go through the mentcouch.com

Hurdles between her dream..

MentCouch started back when Covid cases were high and everyone was under the lockdown. This situation was critical for working in-centre. There was pandemic hiatus and bad economic situation that did not catalyze growth. Still she and her team members managed to stand high with their aspirations and become renowned.


Tanjina’s aim was to give beneficial contribution in guiding a client or training employees. And side by side completing administrative duties. Her plan is to stay open to innovative approaches and adapting to changes in the field of psychology.
“Being fluid” is her prime vision.

Derek Robins

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