“Tammy Taylor Nails, where nails are always fun and never feel like work.”

“Tammy Taylor Nails, where nails are always fun and never feel like work.”

Tammy Taylor is a successful businesswoman running her own corporation deals with nail beauty products and education. She developed many new products, colors, and techniques daily to keep the nail fashion industry on top. She has a very hands-on approach to running her business.

Tammy is very passionate about education. Tammy turned her Guide to Manicuring and Nail Technology book that has been used for State Board Licensing since 1990 into an online Nail Institute.

In 2019, Billie Eilish reached out to Tammy for nails. Tammy has been doing her nails since and together have created super iconic looks taken over red carpets and magazine covers. Tammy has taught over 5,000 classes and has created thousands of products and procedures.

 “I started marketing my products and educational expertise by conducting seminars and hands-on workshops to nail technicians, salon owners, beauty school, and instructors. I taught them how to put excitement into creating beautiful nails and how to market and build their business”.

Tammy has been featured in hundreds of workshops, seminars, and nail classes worldwide. Tammy also supports many charitable organizations benefiting children’s interests around the globe. She has been a guest speaker numerous times on Nail Talk Radio, sharing her knowledge with the industry. 

Tammy Taylor is a well-known philanthropist, motivational speaker, educationist, beauty tool innovator, mentor, and a benchmark of the nail industry. She is so much into her passion for fashion that once she was doing her makeup & was so frustrated because her beautiful nails kept getting dirty from her beauty sponge. She looked all over for a device to hold her sponge while applying makeup. She found nothing. That was when she imagined the design of “The Beauty Gripper.”

Tammy has the same energy and profundity and shows empathy towards others nail artists; she always strives to educate people in the industry to get maximum knowledge to survive. 

Tammy also sponsors various philanthropic associations serving children’s affairs worldwide; she is genuinely in love with humanity. Tammy has also been highlighted in Billie’s documentary “The World’s a Little Blurry.”

She started her own brand in 1983 when the industry was out of essential tools and fashion sense about nail art. She determined that she will work on the nail category till the industry gets what is missing. 

Since 1983, counting her achievements is impossible, but some of them are:

  • Creating many nail art forms.
  • Holding an unbeatable world record for setting nail paint design.
  • Innovating uncountable products and tools.
  • Imparting continued field-related education to make the industry prosper.
  • She won numerous awards for products, fashion, nail designs, woman entrepreneur, educationist, and humanitarian.
  • Having uncountable online students who are nail artists, manicurists, and beauticians from all over the world.
  • Outlining the course for beauty studies in the United States.

The people like Tammy Taylor are born in a lifetime who are entirely devoted to the cause. Although she is not doing nails nowadays but still busy converting her manual into a youtube channel that will be on air soon.

Derek Robins

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