Taking the healthcare industry to next level with her niche talents is Shannon Sperber.

Taking the healthcare industry to next level with her niche talents is Shannon Sperber.

Hailing from Canada, Shannon Sperber has helped thousands of clients instill positivity in their lives through Somatic Release Breathwork.

Glancing at the several individuals’ contribution in the society who are working tremendously hard for betterment of people with their pro knowledge and efficiency has simply been remarkable. The determination, passion, and dedication they enhance in their work inspires millions of people across the globe. Meet one gem of an personality changing lives of massive people with her pro-found knowledge and skills to heal – Shannon Sperber. She is an Somatic Release Breathwork facilitator hosting group and individual sessions. This expert professional has come across a long journey. She accomplished her B.S in Exercise Science in 2001. Further she did Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in 2008. After completing her studies for short span of time she worked as a home health geriatric PT.

Recently during the duration of Covid, she became Heart Math certified and also certified as a breathwork facilitator. She reveals that it almost took her 42 years to realize her passion for work. After she was diagnosed by with an autoimmune disease (POTS), Shannon deep dived into realities of life and went on to the road of self-healing. Understanding the relevance and importance about how breath can regulate the nervous system and in turn heal people in many un imaginable ways, Shannon embarked upon her journey where she used several modalities, including Breathwork, reversed her diagnosis and made her symptom-free. With the life changing results that she saw in herself, Shannon decided to teach the world with same technique and further enlighten their lives.

Working as a Somatic Release Breathwork (trademarked) facilitator, Shannon has helped many people who wish to decrease their anxiety, get clarity, take their business or relationship to the next level, self-heal themselves, or are on a journey to discover who they are as individuals and why they are here. Shannon also has been working a lot with many new next gen entrepreneurs.

We hope that Shannon continues her magical run and touch many more millions of people lives. Do follow her on Instagram @drshannonsperber.

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