Taking the American music space by storm is Happy Singh

Taking the American music space by storm is Happy Singh

Striking the right chord in the hearts of audiences with his singing and composing skills is Happy Singh.

The last couple of decades has seen and witnessed umpteen number of new talents coming in the music industry. Be it be pop, jazz, RnB, Hip-Hop or Rapp, there has been a huge genre of music for the greater crowd to reach. Today listeners around the world have developed a taste of different music which is much more creative and catchier. Millions of artists now have found different ways to woo the current generation of listeners, make it more creative, captivating, and tuneful for all. People who then like the tune of it keep humming the songs all days and with the advent of social media and multiple platforms the songs become viral to reach to a bigger chunk of crowd. One such amazing rapper hailing from Los Angeles, California has been Happy Singh, who songs and music have enabled him to generate a huge fan base for himself and whose popularity have grown in double digits in the past few years.

Being naturally drawn towards the world of music since a young age, Happy Singh knew that music industry would be his ultimate destination and he would seek it with full zest and enthusiasm. Brought up in a Asian Indian Culture to Punjabi parents, Happy was exposed to Bhangra (dance) a traditional dance from the Indian subcontinent originating in the Majha area of the Punjabi region at age 7. Later at age 10, Happy Singh also learned how to play and master the Dhol. At age 12, Happy Singh joined his middle school band inspiring him to play the drums. Not knowing how to read musical notes, Happy was placed at an intermediate level in his band class. Teachers and family soon realized Happy Singh’s gift for music and continued to support and encourage his new love for music.

Today Happy has emerged as one of the finest rapper, singer, song writer, and producers in the US. After ISAW Records signed Happy, he started to take giant strides across the American music realm spreading sheer entertainment for millions of listeners around the world. He has opened for artists like Tyga, Jeremiah and Yo Gotti and many others. He also worked as a songwriter for actor Mathew Noszka an upcoming artist under the CEO of Murder Ink Records, Irv Gotti.

With a strong objective of giving it back to the society and helping many people, Happy now creates awareness about drug abuse and helps people getting affected by it. Happy Singh wishes to aspire and create a big enough platform to where he can contribute to social problems that are over seen and need awareness.

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