Taking over America’s luxury vacation rental industry is a robust firm named Miami Luxury Access

Taking over America’s luxury vacation rental industry is a robust firm named Miami Luxury Access

It was founded by a passionate man named Andrey Lysenko to enhance people’s experiences in everything luxury.

Enough has been spoken about people, experts, and entrepreneurs, who make sure to give it their all and also ensure to take over their respective industries in multiple ways as true-blue professionals; however, still, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius. Their journeys and the choices they make along their path go ahead in showing the world what it takes to become a successful name and how one can go ahead in maintaining excellent momentum in one’s industry. Serving as one of the best examples of one such entrepreneur is Andrey Lysenko, who has been gradually taking over the luxury vacation rental business in the US in the form of Miami Luxury

Access/Luxury Access.

Talking more about himself, Andrey Lysenko says that he was born on 25th November 1984 in Russia. At the naïve age of 14, he moved to the US and grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, and in 2010 moved to Miami as he wished to pursue a career in the tech world. In 2018, Andrey Lysenko had tried to rent a house on Airbnb and VRBO and realized the industry could gain him enormous profits, which eventually led him to buy properties in Miami, Arizona, and Connecticut. He was motivated enough to start something of his own, and hence he built his own booking portal to help guests save money on booking fees while providing them with a luxury experience. Today, he has 20 properties, Mercedes Sprinter limos, and luxury yachts.

Talking more about his luxurious short-term vacation rental company Luxury Access, he says in terms of properties, it has the largest inventory filled with several luxurious amenities, prestige customer services, and amazing deals. Also, it offers packages and a Gold member club with services like free airport pick up and drop off with its luxury 13 passenger limousine and much more. With exotic car rental, his company provides a large inventory of exotic cars in any colour, form, and brand. Luxury Access also provides mesmerizing luxurious experiences to people in nightclubs and bottle service, restaurants, event decorations, personal chefs, spa, etc. And, to top that, it also offers packages like the perfect weekend in Miami package and much more.

Andrey Lysenko, with Luxury Access, has changed the game of the industry for the better. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @andreyglysenko.

Derek Robins

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