TakaHisa – The best Japanese restaurant in the Middle East

TakaHisa – The best Japanese restaurant in the Middle East

Dubai is considered as a center of the luxurious item in the world. No city globally offers elegant and more extravagant things than Dubai. For most of the people globally, Japanese food culture is a unique mastery for them. The chefs who are cooking traditional and authentic Japanese cuisines get training for years to achieve mastery, and the presentation and etiquette of several dishes are unique in their way.

As more people are preferring the intriguing and healthy alternatives in the town, Japanese cuisine is becoming famous. This serves as the primary reason why many people have started to like Japanese food. Due to this, a significant rise in Japanese restaurants in Dubai has been seen in the last few years.

There is also an uptrend for sushi dishes and traditional bento among the luxury-seeking Dubai population. As we roam around the city to pick the best one for you, our volunteers visit almost every Japanese restaurant and experience different Japanese cuisine.

There was just one restaurant in the town which amazed our volunteers. The restaurant in itself is a mirror of Japanese tradition. When you enter in this restaurant, it seems like you have visited mini Japan, which is established in Dubai. Everything in this restaurant is just perfect. Everything from the vibe to the restaurant to the authentic Japanese cuisine menu is excellent. Reviews of the customer were just incredible. We were amazed by the volunteer and the people assessment that we decided to send another group of volunteers there. When they visited, they also said the same review.

Now, you all might be thinking about this excellent restaurant’s name. So, it’s no one other than one of the most famous Japanese restaurants, TakaHisa. It is the best and most authentic Japanese restaurant in Dubai that offers excellent high-quality Japanese cuisine, which has helped it rank as one of the most incredible restaurants in the Middle East. It is a combination of the executive chef’s names, Hisao Ueda (Wagyu Master Chef) and Takashi Namekata (Sushi Master Chef).

TakaHisa Japanese restaurant is a fantastic place to have a remarkable combination of premium and authentic quality sushi and the best wagyu beef, which brings the most premium and luxurious Japanese dining experience in the Middle East. It is built with the ideas and vision of two world-class executive chefs and their well-experienced team. The restaurant’s popularity can be emphasized by saying that Hisao Ueda, one of the executive chefs, has received UAE Golden Visa this year.

At Takahisa, you can plan a meal with a wide range of selection of authentic Japanese dishes, which their talented Chefs prepare using their skills to serve you. The restaurant’s team and space can host all kinds of social events, including Business Lunches, Wedding parties, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and many more occasions.

Talk about authentic service, huh!! It is the only Japanese restaurant that the Crown Prince of Dubai has visited. Their unique menu is a La Carte Special from Wagyu Master and Sushi Master. Both the special menu requires the tables to book in advance. Also, please head to their Kobe and Sushi beef counter, where their finest Chefs offer a unique Omakase course. Believe us; it is the best Japanese culinary masterpiece in the East.

You should be prepared to be dazzled by the ingredients’ freshness because they import produce every week from their own country. The restaurant offers premium and exotic seafood from Toyosu Market and “A5 Kobe beef” (Beef marbling score 12), the highest grade wagyu brand in the world.

This restaurant’s interior decor is perfect, ensuring proper replacement for people visiting this restaurant. Also, the exterior views in this restaurant are breathtaking, and it will just take you away from all your chaotic life stress. Experience in this restaurant is world-class and very warm. Staff are appropriately trained and help you in every way possible to choose the best dish according to your taste and are humble also.

There are indeed many restaurants that provide traditional Japanese cuisine on their menu and are also impressive and significant. But there is a slight difference between others and TakaHisa, which makes it the best option. It delivers the best overall experience, maximizing your dining experience. While Some restaurants have good food, they lack vibe matching, and some have excellent vibes but don’t provide that level of taste at their restaurant. It delivers all of this in one place.

The entire team at TakaHisa believes in serving the best and most authentic Japanese cuisine. It provides guests with an unforgettable experience that will bring a real taste of Japan into the Middle East. So, if you are ever thinking about trying out Japanese cuisine in Dubai at an authentic Japanese restaurant, do visit once, and you’ll understand why TakaHisa is so popular in Dubai and why we have placed it at the top. Trust us; you’ll not regret it later!!

Visit: takahisa.ae

Derek Robins

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