Sweeping everyone off their feet through his talents in the entertainment world is Yatin Kukreja.

Sweeping everyone off their feet through his talents in the entertainment world is Yatin Kukreja.

Creative, passionate and visionary people can only make it big from here in the Entertainment industry. 

Life is a change in 2020; Theatres are blocked and the entertainment industry is seeing the most significant slowdown in history. But with every struggle there is always light of hope, we people know how to make things happen even in the worst time.  Now our entertainment industry is heading towards online series and movies. 

In this global emergency, some intelligent minds are using technology at its best and creating work for people and themselves. We came across one creative Producer, visionary person and entrepreneur Yatin Kukreja.

One thing is sure from 2020 only gutsy and creative people will get their work out in every industry. Yatin Kukreja comes in that list of gutsy and visionary producers. Yatin Kukreja has produced many good projects in the past. He is a young talent but mature enough to show path to others how to work in this Pandemic time.

Because of his Yatin Kukreja is rated as the best young producer in India. He is able to create good content for OTT audiences and music lovers. He has taken a big step in this crucial time helping Bollywood in this tough time. We need producers like Yatin Kukreja who work with confidence and use the online platform rightly to take the entertainment industry forward.

Yatin Kukreja is helping young talents who want to showcase their expertise in the music industry and on the silver screen. With his production line, Yatin Kukreja is allowing all the young musicians, actors, movie makers to work in various projects like web series and music albums. Yatin Kukreja is working smartly by using online platforms wisely. With his work, he is also giving some entertainment to people who are looking for some relaxation in this Pandemic.

This Delhi based Producer is bringing a wide range of options to the entertainment industry. With that, he is giving a direct platform to fresh talent too. He has already made the right name in the industry as the most successful Producer from Delhi. Currently, he is working on multiple projects like web series and music albums.

His latest project “Cute Song” got a good response worldwide.

Directed by Aroob Khan starring Satvik Sankhyan by Desi Music Factory. Today it has been viewed by more than 7.1 million people worldwide in a few days. People loved the picturization quality, which is of high quality, lyrics, music and composition everything is just perfect. 

Yatin Kukreja is still very young and gaining a right name in the industry by producing some good projects; he is a bright light in this gloomy time for all the people who are attached with the entertainment world.

Derek Robins

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