Sudoly And iLounge From Haider Ali Khan Emerge As Essentials In The Present Day Scenario

Sudoly And iLounge From Haider Ali Khan Emerge As Essentials In The Present Day Scenario

Haider Ali Khan is a talented Entrepreneur, making it big with his Multi Talented skills. He takes a deep interest in the E Commerce world, following his business organisations and brands closely, defining his role as a successful entrepreneur. 

It is the task of an open entrepreneur to just not focus on one kind of job but to bring in versatility in the services they provide or websites, startups that they come up with. This established entrepreneur worked his way to the top, and began out very young only at the age of 18, learning about cyber security and independently became an analyst from that age. Since then he has worked along with a lot of other prestigious companies, which tend to be major technology companies, like Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Google, Facebook and so on. with such a lot of experience already has advanced a lot in this field. let’s have a look at his particular establishments:


Sudoly is a web hosting service. Since there have been a number of instances of people undergoing fraudulent activities due to the Internet, and the active requirement of a hosting service, people always choose an option that does not expose their data and information to any external resources that might be harmful. This is the reason why this particular web hosting service was created, they have kept in mind that the people who will be working along with them like government agencies, educational institutes and business organisations, they will need complete privacy.

Till date, they have worked along with 50,000 websites, and hosted successfully with them from all over the world. The customer is always put first and their requirements are never overlooked because it is them who bring along more business in the future, opening up various possibilities for them.


Haider Ali Khan is known for being a multitasker at its finest. This is why he also has an all well known Apple tech news blog that provides information and reports on technological advancements, new releases, updates and complete guides for people who do not know much about the world of technology and just need an extra bit of help to boost them further.

iLounge has grabbed the market! It was originally launched on 16th November, 2001, but since the previous owner faced a lot of loss while he was in the business, Mr. Khan acquired this and took on from January 2019. Since then with the help of his profitable strategies, he was able to grab the market.It is the earnest efforts of Haider Ali Khan that had led him here. Taking deep interest in other brands and stores only websites too, he is one of the most efficient entrepreneurs from Australia.

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