Successful makeup artist Raphael Oliver shares 6 powerful lessons on how to turn your artistry into a profitable business

Successful makeup artist Raphael Oliver shares 6 powerful lessons on how to turn your artistry into a profitable business

The makeup artist career is very profitable. Making money as a makeup artist is entirely possible if the energies and work are channeled correctly.

The world of makeup is bright and glamorous, it is possible to live well financially, and you still have the opportunity to inspire and improve the lives of many people.

In this article we went to the source: the master Raphael Oliver and have separated for you several paths of the makeup profession which you can follow and make big profits.

Before we start, I need to remind you that makeup is a CAREER. So it is necessary to understand that it grows step by step and as in any profession there are no miracles, but a lot of work and constant dedication.

Now, let’s go to the tips that will show you the way to success in the makeup profession.

1. How to make a lot of money with makeup?

All work has one goal: achievement and profitability. And it’s okay to choose a profession that gives you high earnings. Do not think that it is wrong to work for the money, as long as that is not the only reason.

With the make-up profession, you will make a profit, but in order for them to be high, you need to grow all your sources of income. But how? I’ll show you.

2. Invest in marketing / paid traffic to your social media.      

In this way, your work and recognition will grow exponentially. Taking care of your marketing will make all the difference in your growth on and offline .

If you really want to grow, you can’t depend only on organic reach, as social networks don’t even deliver to 10% of the people who follow you. So if you really want to make money with makeup, see it as a business with any other and every business requires investment in advertising.

3. Consider having helpers      

One of the limitations regarding the earnings of makeup artists is the time factor. A makeup requires X time to be done, with this you have the limitation of being able to serve a Y quantity of people per day.

If you have helpers you can delegate cleaning, moisturizing the skin, and maybe even preparing the skin, so you can only be finished: eyebrows, eyes and lips.

With this strategy you will be able to double, perhaps triple the number of people you will be able to serve.

4. Awaken the desire

Once you’ve defined your style, it’s time to arouse your customers’ desire. Make them want to make up with you.

And how does it happen? Think about how brands promote their makeup products. It is almost unanimous that they use models to demonstrate the results of their applied products.

What the client seeks is the result of your makeup on her face.

So you must make up different types of women, with different facial features and age ranges, so that your client projects herself in one of them and has a feeling of how she would be made up for you.

Do this constantly

5. Demonstrate the power of your art

One of the most effective strategies to prove to your future client that you are able to “solve her problem”, be it covering acne, camouflaging melasmas, or “enlarging your mouth”, for example, is showing before and after your makeup, so that she can clearly see the benefits of her work, which exactly changed or enhanced with her makeup.

6. Shoot and film, record everything

If you don’t have images, it didn’t happen. This is the modus operandi the internet, you need to show what you do, who your customers are, your results, your routine, how you take care of your materials, in short, you need to expose all of this in your profile so that the person who arrives in it, understand exactly what your world is like and have a preview of the experience she will have if you book a time in her schedule.

Nowadays, people no longer buy “in the dark”, they want as much information, images, videos as possible, and most even seek opinions from other people before they buy.

Look at his profile and try to understand what is the image and message that he is sending to those who do not know you, or know his work.

Are you managing to make people see you exactly as you are?

For more information and content from the master Raphael Oliver, consider checking his blog.

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