Success Story of Emerging Digital Entrepreneur – Manish Kumar Singh

Success Story of Emerging Digital Entrepreneur – Manish Kumar Singh

The world is changing, so is India, the facility of the digital world is increasing day by day, and its need is growing at a rapid pace. Today most are in search of a promotional guy who can handle business marketing or celebrity or individual marketing via digital marketing, and for that, you would like to expert.

Manish Kumar Singh a young entrepreneur who may be a master in digital marketing, promotional work of celebs and corporations, actually he’s referred to as an emerging digital entrepreneur at a really young age. He knows the way to handle promotional things, promote artists songs via all types of a billboard campaign, and that’s the most reason for his success. He’s also the Co-Founder of INITIATORS MEDIA.

Manish Kumar Singh is already a famous name and leading entrepreneur within the world of digital marketing in India; He has experience of working with top most companies worldwide and his experience of working with top most companies have helped him to find out equally of digital promotional things. His knowledge and his diligence have helped him grow his own company His company is now handling much promotional add various fields like businesses, celebrity management, songs and other promotions; You name the thing, and he will market that together with his extraordinary talent on the web.

What makes Manish Kumar Singh different from others is his hunger for locating new things. he’s always looking to vary the normal way of digital marketing to new means of digital marketing, and since of this habit, he has learned numerous innovative things quicker than others within the business. this is often reflecting in his work and also the quantity of labour he’s receiving during a short time is simply incredible. We feel he deserves too, all because of his expertise.
Manish Kumar Singh is much before many digital marketers around India, undoubtedly the foremost prominent name of Indian as Digital Marketer and during a short time, you’ll see him rising on the highest list of Entrepreneurs of India.

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