Sticky Rice: Award-winning Thai restaurant grabs attention with its new opening in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall

Diners are saying nothing but amazing things about Sticky Rice, known for serving bona fide Thai dishes, exuding the team’s love and passion for Thai food.

The world has witnessed several stories about business owners having a humble start and building businesses from scratch. Many of these businesses went ahead in becoming notable names in their industries across the world. What could have helped these businesses reach exponential levels of success? One wonders. Well, among a mammoth of reasons, the solid foundation on which a business stands goes a long way in defining its success. Also, it is about the values which the company believes in as a team. Mo Abedin, along with his sister Maryam Abedin and wife Nina Fahmi as the team behind Sticky Rice, a unique Thai food restaurant in the UAE, focused the most on building a solid foundation for their restaurant by following the footsteps of his late mother and chef Amena Rakkuson, aka Mama.

Mo Abedin says he’s grateful for his mother’s teachings and her never-ending passion for creating exciting Thai dishes for the community which made Sticky Rice reach thus far, which today is a whole Thai food brand dedicated to her exquisite Thai dishes. Sticky Rice is already a significant name in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle, and now it has also been making its name in Abu Dhabi with its new outlet on the first floor of Yas Mall.

Yas Mall is known for several top brand outlets of the world, and Sticky Rice securing a place in the same with a consistent rise in diners says enough of the restaurant’s authenticity. The team has remained committed to serving food lovers with bona fide Thai food, made from fresh Thai ingredients flown into the country. This has acted as their USP, along with their mouth-watering dishes like Sticky Tamarind Wings, Mango and Sticky Rice, Seafood Tom Yum, Green Curry, and Coconut Soft Serve Ice Cream dishes and a lot more. Other dishes that have also made their mark include Pad See Ew Pak, Spicy Kaeng Keaw Wan, Som Tum Thai and a series of seafood platters as well.

Also, a stand-out sweet dish, especially for the Abu Dhabi outlet, is Thai Roti stuffed with Banana, Nutella and condensed milk. Sticky Rice (@stickyriceae) deservedly has been an award-winning Thai restaurant and deserves many more accolades, believe a mammoth of loyal customers.

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