Step by step instructions to Listen to Spotify Offline on a Samsung Watch

Step by step instructions to Listen to Spotify Offline on a Samsung Watch

Smartwatches can be helpful when they permit you to desert your cell phone. Samsung Galaxy watches incorporate a few highlights that make this conceivable, including disconnected Spotify music playback. We’ll tell you the best way to get it set up on your watch.

Downloading music for offline listening is incredible for running and working out. You can associate a couple of Bluetooth earphones and tune in to tunes without your telephone. It can likewise help spare versatile information if your Samsung watch is equipped with LTE.

Before we begin, you should realize that tuning in to Spotify offline (on a watch or some other gadget) requires an exceptional membership.

To start with, guarantee that you have the Spotify application introduced on your Samsung Galaxy watch and your iPhone or Android gadget.

Depending upon which Samsung Galaxy watch you own, the sign-in measure for Spotify might be somewhat unique. The watch application will either naturally interface with the Spotify application on your telephone, brief you to combine, or expect you to type in your credentials.

1.When signed in, we have to change Spotify from “Remote” to “Standalone” mode. In the Spotify watch application, scroll down and tap “Settings.”

2. Next, select the “Playback” option.

3. Pick the “Standalone” setting. You might be approached to “Pair” with your telephone now.

4. Presently, we can discover music to download for offline listening. You can glance through your music library, peruse Spotify’s curated lists, or “Download” for something explicit.

5. The entirety of your playlists can be found in the “Your Music” section. At the head of a playlist, flip the change to “Download” to spare the whole playlist to your smartwatch.

6. To spare an individual melody, open the media player and afterward tap the three-dabs at the lower part of the interface.

7. Next, tap the “Save” button.

8. This will add the melody to “Your Collection,” which can be found under “My Music.” Toggle on “Download” to automatically download anything you spare to Your Collection for offline listening.

It’s as simple as that. At the point when you open the Spotify application on your Samsung Galaxy watch without a web association, songs that aren’t accessible offline will be turned gray out. You will, however, have the option to play anything you downloaded.

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