Step by step instructions to get iOS 14-style widgets on your Android phone right now

Step by step instructions to get iOS 14-style widgets on your Android phone right now

It’s hard not to discover the grass greener on the opposite side, and keeping in mind that most iOS 14 highlights are things we previously had — including home screen gadgets, which we’ve had for quite a long time — yet there are various Android devotees who get themselves stricken with the adjusted corners and clean lines of iOS 14 gadgets.

The magnificence of Android’s more experienced theming network, however, is that when something doesn’t exist some place for us to utilize yet, we simply make it ourselves.

They’re a longtime fan of KWGT for this, on the grounds that as a What-You-See-Seems to be What-You-Get editor, in the event that you can picture it in your mind, you generally can get it to appear to be identical on your home screen.

There’s been a great deal of themers and KWGT fans building gadgets dependent on the ones in iOS 14 and the iOS 14 Beta over the mid year, and that implies there are presently a few KWGT presets and packs that you can download and give a shot on your own telephone at this moment.

  • Muller Ali has an collection of iOS gadgets that are completely lovely and simple to apply. They even accompany the iOS-style names underneath them, however they’re anything but difficult to erase in the event that you need.

This collection incorporates two sizes of climate, schedule, news, and photographs widgets, and single-size widgets for clock, battery, music, and action.

  • 𝘈𝘢𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘳 𝘚𝘩𝘢𝘪𝘬𝘩 has manufactured imitations of Google Search’s iOS gadgets in both a light topic or a dark theme.
  • Jamie Hartley has a choice of iOS 14-based widgets including two climate widgets — one square and one 4×2 square shape — a battery widget, schedule widget, translate widget, and music widgets intended for YouTube Music and Spotify.
  • /u/dontbeaboot took to a greater degree a combination vibe with his widgets and they are in support of it! This clump has similar adjusted corners and simple to-utilize designs, however it has a more vibrant palette and all the more unmistakably Google pizazz to is, particularly for the Google widgets that cycle each time you cooperate with them. They likewise burrow the manner in which the music gadget is done here, you actually get noticeable playback controls as opposed to simply depending on tapping something more subtle. As a note, not all illustrations are remembered for the preset documents, so you’ll need to download them independently from the envelope for the Search widgets and the little music widget.
  • By/u/Patient-Summer-8438, this assortment highlights two news widget— one square and little, the other rectangular and ready to switch between news themes — one current climate widget and a smaller, intuitive music widget. This pack is little yet works quite well aside from one misalignment in the music widget; you’ll need to change the Position of the Media Player part from Left to Center and afterward alter the X Offset to around – 50.

There will be more widget as fall extends on, yet on the off chance that you need the adjusted corners and clean lines, there are widgets in aplenty. After you download them, here’s the manner by which to bring them into KWGT. Once more, you need a KWGT Pro key to import a preset another person made.

1.Tap the blank KWGT after you include it through your launcher’s menu.

2. Tap the folder symbol in the top bar of the application.

3. Tap the folder you downloaded the preset into.

4. Tap the .kwgt document you need to import.

5. Tap your newly imported preset in the Exported tab.

6. Tap Save once the preset loads.

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