Stafford Schlitt is a Serial Entrepreneur That Has the Skillset to Flourish in Any Emerging Market

Stafford Schlitt is a Serial Entrepreneur That Has the Skillset to Flourish in Any Emerging Market

Emerging markets can yield exponential financial benefit, but the art of tapping into these markets has proven difficult for many entrepreneurs, as evidenced by many failed startups. Stafford Schlitt is a serial entrepreneur that has a background in marketing and branding, and has applied his vast knowledge to prosper in a wide range of sectors. Schlitt started his entrepreneurial career when he was able to key in on the influx of consumer demand into the fitness space. When Kanye West released his hit music video, “Fade”, many influential industry individuals began to contact Schlitt, telling him it was time for Teyana Taylor to get into the fitness industry. Taylor is a famous singer and songwriter that was the subject of West’s video, as she was dancing alone in an empty gym. People immediately took notice of her stunning physique, and were mesmerized by how she was able to attain, and maintain such a goddess-like figure, especially after having a baby. Schlitt capitalized on this opportunity by collaborating with Taylor to create an online fitness program, Fade2Fit. Taylor showcased her captivating dance moves to members of the platform, as her dance routine was the substantial contributing factor to her jaw-dropping body.

Schlitt began to carefully research what people were saying on multiple social media platforms, and used the fitness programs of other famous celebrity trainers to tap into the emerging fitness market. Fade2Fit was a booming hit, so much that Schlitt went on to further collaborate with Taylor on a fitness clothing line, also called Fade2Fit.

It takes a vast skill set and an immense network of powerful individuals to succeed in an emerging market, Schlitt was able to apply this formula for his next endeavor, as he sought to capitalize on the cryptocurrency revolution that was sweeping the globe. Schlitt created a bitcoin mining operation, utilizing the cheap electricity in the state to cut costs, eventually being bought out by a publicly traded company.

Schlitt was able to create a turn-key business model for emerging markets across a range of different spaces, the success of each of his endeavors is reflective of his ingenuity, planning, and networking to create brand awareness. He decided to apply himself to the medical field, when CBD was growing in popularity as a holistic remedy for medical ailments. He was able to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack, as he partnered with celebrity trainers to create his CBD company, THR33. Unlike most companies that failed, Schlitt was successfully able to identify the properties of CBD that could be of utility, and created a topical cream to cure muscle aches and arthritis pain.

Currently, Schlitt is looking to take a large share of the hand sanitizer market from the big box brands, with his company FRSH Hands. The Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to arguably one of the largest emerging markets to date, as hand sanitizer is required for everyday use to prevent an individual from contracting Covid-19. FRSH Hands is FDA registered and manufactured in the U.S., it comes in the form of a spray that leaves no fragrance or odor. FRSH Hands is already being used by the front offices of NBA and MLB teams, as well at the front offices of prominent companies like Fiji Water and Steve Madden. FRSH Hands is already a top seller on, which speaks volumes about the future of the brand. Stafford Schlitt has patented a formula that can be successful in markets at polar end of the spectrum, this tremendous ability will definitely make FRSH Hands a staple in the hand sanitizer market for years to come.

For more information, please visit or check out their Instagram page, @FRSHHANDS.

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