Famous Instagrammer Siddhartha Taneja fined in Dubai for Overspeeding

Famous Instagrammer Siddhartha Taneja fined in Dubai for Overspeeding

Dubai is a city where expensive cars and luxury lifestyles are part of a normal lifestyle. And Youtube is proof of this, as one can find videos of people showing off their high-speed cars, exotic pets, and extravagant residences. It is also known for its hefty amercements and violent sanctions. You get fined as per the amount of violation you exceeded from the rules and limits decided by the government.

Recently, famous travel influencer Mr. Siddhartha Taneja became a victim of such incidents. Mr. Taneja got fined by the Dubai Traffic Department for overspeeding. He was driving a white Lamborghini Huracan Evo at 200kmph and got fined for exceeding the speed limit, which in Dubai is 110kmph. The fine amounted to AED 9000, which converted into INR nears to around ₹200,000. Dubai Traffic Police is known for its luxurious and sporty duty vehicles and imposing hefty penalties on violators and heftier fines on defaulters.

In this case, however, the fine was AED 3000 plus the impounding charges. And, to bypass the amount and penalty, Mr. Taneja had to pay an overall AED 9000. The good thing about this incident is that Mr. Taneja got out of attracting further actions by paying his fine duly on time. Dubai is known for its roads that allow speeds higher than that in India, and Mr. Taneja is known for his luxurious lifestyle and flaunting expensive cars. It is no wonder that the duo would make this explosive of a combination.

Derek Robins

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