Sosamann Teams Up With DJ XO For A Certified Street Hit

Sosamann Teams Up With DJ XO For A Certified Street Hit

Houston spitter Sosamann teamed up with DJ XO and they have created a hit. These days a hit is hard to label but by the likes of this record, it’s hard to deny. When you are an independent artist with no machine behind you (large corporate label) you don’t have the exposure that some artists signed to them do.

There are also advantages to being independent like organically gaining fans, keeping a larger profit share of money earned and most respectably, keeping your masters.  XO and Sosamann’s smash song “Off The Lot” has taken off in regions other than the south and that’s why I call it a hit.

For records to break in Los Angeles, there has to be momentum already. You can’t be an indie artist in New York and then blow up in Los Angeles right when you drop it. You have to work the record. That’s exactly what XO and Sosamann did and it has paid its dividends.

As the song continues to boom, you should check out other records that have essentially brought XO to where he is today. He has been linked to Houston artists and even some outside of the city of Houston. That is an example of an independent artist on his grind. Follow DJ XO for the latest and go download and stream “Off the Lot” now.

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