Some features of Recruitment Agencies

Fill in the blanks, Not Chat Posts

Agency recruiting companies are paid to complete tasks, not booking interviews. You will probably get a few candidates, but each one will fit. As a recruiter, and as the branch manager of the recruitment center, I got to know my clients better. Not only did they tell me the skills I needed, but in time I learned who could fit in better and who could not.

Although you do not want to discriminate, you can tell your employer about soft skills. A quiet door may not look easy on a happy person. Or, you probably have a lot of profit because everyone is looking forward to a yearly increase, so you want someone who can be satisfied with this job for a long time.

I had one company that did exactly that: They were renting every six months in the same area. Although I appreciated the commissions, I felt bad that he had to keep hiring. When I spoke to the manager I offered a suggestion. Stop hiring new grades and look for a long-term employee (slightly increase salary). You want someone who knows what they want to do all day and is not looking for a stepping stone or a bright spot in their progression. The result: long-term employment that cost me commissions, but I got in touch with the company. A good agency recruiting company will do just that. They lived in it for a long time. They want to build a relationship with you and they will do what it takes to make it happen, even if there is a temporary loss.

Test and Trap (or Pare)

If a critical group member is taking family or medical leave, you will simply hire a temporary replacement – you have no choice. Consider using this as an opportunity to explore other potential jobs in the recruiter agency. If they are a good worker, working well with the team, and willing, you may also want to train them during their short term to see if they will be able to fit in well.

Do you have a position that lasts longer than the 30/60 day trial period to train yourself? Allow time may well suit you. It can take months to determine if a candidate is eligible for a particular open. When you give in to temptation, you will have a long period of temptation. And if they do not work, there is no need to fire them! Just call the recruiter agency and tell them they did the wrong part. They will send someone to replace you, too.

And if you decide they are perfect? A recruiter agency prefer to buy a contract – they pay a fee to deduct the payment from the “temporary” payment and enter into their own. Depending on the length of the purchase, you may want to consider leaving them as temples for as long as possible. By keeping yourself as an agency employee not only distributing purchase costs, you extend the probationary period. As a bonus, once they have run out of agency fees and transferred to yours, you can start your own, regular trial period. 

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