Soeng Chatvichea: Successful Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker – Biography

Soeng Chatvichea: Successful Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker – Biography

Soeng Chatvichea dropped out of his doctoral studies in Europe to sell corn cakes, pursuing his dream of becoming an outstanding entrepreneur, now has 4 very popular businesses on social media. You probably know the founder of MasterLife Club (MLC), who regularly shares mindfulness videos online with millions of people each month, Seng Chatvichea. Soeng Chatvichea is a well-known Motivational Speaker originally from Siem Reap in Cambodia.

From 2011 to 2015, under the bachelor's degree, Chatvichea stayed at Wat Ounalom Kod No. 4 for four years. Very much from the ridicule of friends and neighbors, because since he graduated with a bachelor’s degree, it is not appropriate to sell a pack of cakes for 300R. By loving business, he also pursued a Master's degree in International Business Management at the University of Battambang, leaving his father in charge, and also had the opportunity to receive a scholarship to write a dissertation in Indonesia under the theme Raising Milk cows completely different from expectations, as the business costs so much capital that he cannot afford. At the end of 2016, he went on to do business and teach at the University of Battambang, and later received a doctoral scholarship under the European Community Erasmus + (CONSEA) program to study for 3 years in Sustainable Ecosystem Management. Soeng Chatvichea told Sabay News: "After six months of study, he dropped out of his doctorate because he dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. At the same time, he was interested in expanding his business from a mother. Is a pawn shop because of the tiredness of selling white corn cakes, but does not seem to make money. For 5 days, Chatvichea decided to pursue his dream of dropping out of his doctoral studies, which at that time faced two major pressures: his family seemed distrustful and confronted two leading professors, both abroad and in Cambodia.

Soeng Chatvichea has 4 business ventures, including DrExpress logistics Co., LTD, SCV Finance pawn shop, MasterLife Business Club and Real Estate. It should also be noted that all these successes are not due to dropping out of school, he used the knowledge of the school as a whole, especially the lessons in the Master of International Business Management, combined with practical experiences for almost half a decade now.

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