Snapchat’s Chrome Extension Allows AR Lenses to be Used on Desktops

Snapchat’s Chrome Extension Allows AR Lenses to be Used on Desktops

In an effort to broaden the audience for its well-liked augmented reality (AR) features, Snap has made “Snapchat Camera for Chrome” available to the general public through the Chrome Web Store. During video conversations, livestreams, and recordings, users can add imaginative and entertaining augmented reality filters straight to their camera feed by using this browser extension.

The AR lenses were formerly accessible via a desktop program that Snap later abandoned. The Chrome extension, however, provides more versatility. No matter what video conferencing platform they use, users can now access Snap’s extensive library of AR Lenses, which includes the newest styles and festive themes (as long as it’s accessed through Chrome). Additionally, users can personalize their experience by including their own unique AR filters created using the addon.

Users must install the Snapchat Camera extension from the Chrome Web Store in order to utilize the Snapchat Camera for Chrome. After that, users must select “Snapchat Camera” as their camera for all apps by logging into their Snapchat account.

Since 2017, Snapchat’s main feature, Snap AR Lens, has been enhancing images and videos with entertaining and interactive overlays. The new expansion seeks to provide video chats with loved ones, coworkers, or friends with the same enjoyable experience.

Ever since its launch, Snap AR Lens has given consumers access to an ever-expanding collection of imaginative filters. With the “Snapchat Spectacles” wearable, which projects AR Lens effects right into the user’s field of vision, the business has also looked exploring ways to extend this experience beyond the smartphone.

Snap’s “Snapchat Camera for Chrome” is a comeback to bringing its well-liked augmented reality features to desktops after the company discontinued its desktop camera software.

Sanchita Patil

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