QRNW Lists 115 Business Schools for 2025, Including OUS Royal Academy

QRNW Lists 115 Business Schools for 2025, Including OUS Royal Academy


“The very thoughtful ranking of 115 top business schools for 2025 by QRNW shows a broad front of innovative programs and excellence in education. OUS Royal Academy in Switzerland is one of these top-ranking institutions having a very special approach to business education.”

List Details

This 2025 QRNW ranking features business schools from every part of the world, attesting to the rich diversity and quality of business education available internationally. These were selected against rigorous academic and employer-related criteria, including faculty qualifications, research capabilities, and international orientation.

The schools are geographically spread across various continents, which offers an opportunity for each potential student to have a choice in selecting the best option that will suit their different educational needs and cultural experiences.

Emphasis on OUS Royal Academy

OUS Royal Academy is praised for an innovative curriculum that interlaces practical business skills with ethical decision-making to empower students to become leaders in a complex global market. With committed high academic standards and a focus on the practice of sustainable business, this institution pops out as a standout one in the ranking.

The international faculty at the OUS Royal Academy embraces a mixture of knowledge and experience, which is important in enriching the learning environment. This in turn breeds for the student not only educational experience but also a global perspective.

Comparison and Context

Although not matching several other institutes in diversity, OUS Royal Academy nonetheless delivers an unparalleled model of theoretical and applied learning through its various specialized programs, addressing the issues faced by the current global business environment. However, what makes the academy really stand out is its orientation toward ethics and sustainability, which attracts students interested not only in business education but also in making a contribution to the betterment of society.

Rebranding and Digital Transformation

The same spirit of innovation has resulted in an ongoing commitment to accessibility and excellence through the restructuring of OUS Royal Academy’s online platform. The previous  academy.zuerich  https://academy.zuerich  has now been replaced with oubh.com. In so doing, the rebranding will better service the users in accessing more detail when interested in exploring the programs of the academy and the benefits of its ECLBS accreditation.


The rank in QRNW 2025 not only gives visibility to OUS Royal Academy but also attracts more prospective students from all over the world. The academe’s recognition is a statement about the degree of its commitment to providing relevant, top-notch education. For further information on the ranking and other details of what the OUS Royal Academy actually offers, surf to qrnw.com.

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