You might have heard this on TV or perhaps an inner thought. We all go through a phase where we start asking ourselves if this is the end. The end of a career, the end of a relationship, the end of a struggle, or simply the end of a long tiring journey. We normally associate endings as something sad, heartbreaking, or even perhaps something that could make or break us. Daniel Philip’s song “This is the End” has a more darker vibe in retrospect to a more freeing and carefree composition in terms of melodic arrangements that he usually publishes on Spotify. However, although it has a more gothic feel it provides a brighter perspective on what it means for something to end. 

“This is the End” embodies an extremely positive message. It showcases growth, new possibilities, new fresh start and an utterly brighter future. Daniel Philip has managed to underline a contradicting statement and create a personal perspective on what the end means to a person.

Talking to Daniel, we discovered his insights on the creative process of the song. It’s a culmination of his experiences outside of music within those three-four years in business. He is the Creative Director and Founder of a global holdings company and manages a team of thousands worldwide. “It’s a rollercoaster. Every day, I’m always questioning whether or not this is the end or just a new beginning”

Indeed a very interesting and challenging lifestyle for the artist/entrepreneur to balance. However, Daniel has always prided himself as someone who sees the glass half full. He believes that positivity throughout the day is the most important mindset to achieve goals. Our society is filled with pessimists. Majority lingers onto the negatives and keeps projecting their emotions in the world. It’s quite a sad fact. However, Indie artists such as Daniel Philip create a space and avenue for people like that to see a different perspective and that’s what’s great with art. 

Music is a getaway for Daniel. It’s a similar intention when he paints on a blank canvas. Music is a part of him that not everyone sees. He can be vulnerable, raw and truthful in his artistry because he truly believes art moves the soul better than anything else can.

All the moments that you fear would come to an end. All the connections that you linger on that no longer serve you any good. All the situations that provide no value and purpose are everything you need to let go. Those are ending but it’s a start of a new beginning. That’s exactly what singer-songwriter Daniel Philip intends to talk about in his new single “This is the End”

It’s quite interesting because when we built this warehouse, we cut down a big tree and the locals were pretty angry and upset about it. It didn’t feel too good. However, Jay and I were standing outside the warehouse and there’s a whole other tree that’s sprouting from the one we took down. It’s definitely a wonderful sight. It shows you that there’s a new beginning in something that we see damaging or sad. It’s a great perspective to be honest.” – Daniel Philip

With Covid 19 still existing and people still getting locked up at home in solitary, a lot may take this moment in life as heartbreaking or upsetting. An end to their freedom and happiness. Perhaps not just with the lockdown but life in general. However, in every situation there’s always a new beginning and it takes an Indie artist like Daniel Philip to really appreciate that perspective. “This is the End” is undeniably the most honest , genuine and raw thoughts of an individual that’s going through a lot. However, the positivity and possibilities still exist in his music.

The rising artist has a lot more unfinished projects. He has been cooking up quite a lot of tracks that portray a serious gaping sound and storyline that evokes and transpires to millions of people. He strongly believes in comfort out of the uncomfortable. Music that’s raw, honest, true, and his. Although music right now is something he’s doing on the side, he will eventually spend more time on it which involves music videos and actual production. However, for now the creative artist is fully satisfied with what his music is to him. Check out all his singles on Spotify. 

Derek Robins

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