Becoming a Security Guard

Becoming a Security Guard

A bouncer (or often referred to as a door manager or doormen) is an independent type of security guard, usually employed in venues for which there are strict policies regarding security and personal interaction between the public and staff. These venues include bars, nightclubs, and other adult entertainment facilities. Most bouncers and doormen are male, though this may vary depending on the specific venue, age, size, and policy of the club in question. In addition, they may also be accompanied by a clerk or may work solely as an independent contractor.

Bienvenido “Alexander” Peralta Martinez has been involved in  Security for several years and is Chief Instructor at Knight Life Security. Unfortunately Alex was victim of a stabbing in 2017, by a security guard of all people, that is what led to the starting of this company alongside Carlos Ariel Then. Together they teamed up to make a difference in the night-life and provided us with some insight on what a Security Guard even is and how one would go about becoming one.

Nightclub bouncers are responsible for maintaining the safety of all customers and guests, and are integral members of the nightlife and security community in most areas. As such, they are often the first point of contact for customers when entering a night club. Bouncers are responsible for advising customers of all available doors, exits, and other entrance and exit requirements. They are also directly involved in any attempted thefts that occur during the course of a night at the club. Because of this, bouncers are often the first point of contact for a potential thief or intruder.

Many clubs have bouncers on the premises, though not every club employs bouncers as part of its overall security force. Some clubs elect to hire security guards instead, because bouncers can provide additional services beyond guarding the doors and/or exits. For instance, many bouncers will double as security officers, whom they will personally supervise and report to the manager, night after night. Some will additionally perform other duties, such as issuing security permits. Furthermore, some bouncers will have access to video-surveillance equipment and other tools to prevent loss and or crimes.

Night clubs and bars that employ bouncers are not necessarily committed to full-time employment by security officers. In most cases, a bouncer is only hired when the club requires them and then continues to use them once the job is done. The majority of clubs do not employ bouncers on a permanent basis, though a few will occasionally contract with a security company to cover night club activities. If you want to work as a bouncer, it’s best to apply to a security company like Knight Life Security so that you can begin earning money more consistently and are receiving professional training. Security companies often prefer applicants who have worked as bouncers in the past, though some will consider applicants with general security experience.

To become an effective bouncer, one must be highly organized and detail oriented. One must be able to memorize and quickly apply a variety of complex motions and maneuvers. Bouncers must also be able to effectively communicate with customers and their family members and friends. It is essential that a security guard have basic computer skills, because many night clubs require video surveillance of the premises, or in the case of Knight Life an ID scanning software by Vemos. A security guard should also be well versed in basic first aid and CPR techniques in case patrons fall or pass out.

Some security guards are union certified, which proves that they have been through specialized training courses. Those security guards that belong to nationally accredited security associations such as the NCAFA (National Association of Security Officers) and SAGSA (Society of General Inspectors) and receive ongoing continuing education seminars. With the proper training and a positive attitude, many security officers can find successful careers working in a variety of venues. Once employed as a bouncer, you can pursue additional security jobs in public relations, corporate security, private security and or executive protection. Knight Life Security has access to all these sectors of Security related work and you can apply with their company by clicking here as they are actively hiring.

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