SHISHIR SINGH : Young Hustler From Madhubani is making it to the big leagues in Indian Digital Marketing Space

SHISHIR SINGH : Young Hustler From Madhubani is making it to the big leagues in Indian Digital Marketing Space

Abraham Lincoln said “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by the hustlers”. What he means was, all the resources in the world won’t make you successful if you don’t have a hunger for success. Ambition is the most important thing. All the knowledge and education go wasted if one doesn’t have the drive to put them to use if one doesn’t have an unquenchable thing to go after what they want.

This theory pushed Shishir Singh to start his digital marketing career at the age of 19, while pursuing his college.

Shishir is currently pursuing BBA – Second year from JBS, NOIDA. He has good hobby and an amazing knowledge on Digital Marketing. His friends and people call him SARDAAR because of his optimistic behaviour and his unusual insight towards problems who always saw the best in every situation. His ambition was to be a traveler and to become an entrepreneur at his very young age. Right now, he has attended Business firm with 300 plus Clients across national and international with pleasure. He got engaged with lot of business personalities and grabbed their thoughts about entrepreneurship, which made him the thought of starting business and to retire young and being financially independent to pursue his career in Business stream

Future Plan

Execution of Plan

The execution plays a vital part in Business than saying

For his Future Start up, right now he became notable with an affable personality in the Instagram in which he shares about his knowledge towards Crypto Currency, Branding, Marketing and help his clients to get more audience on YouTube and Instagram social media. He is providing his marketing service for them to get benefitted. He feels blessed to be sharing this kind of idea. Moreover, he promised himself that he will prove his worth, not by words but by actions. He just earned good amount of money by investing in Crypto currency and stock markets. His vision and progress towards his work getting some immense recognisation in digital media and delivered some delightful customer satisfaction. Right now, He is achieving many things and has some really great ideas and his plans to register his firm officially after finishing college shows his passion, desire and enthusiasm towards his work in this young age. I must say his patience and desire towards his Personal Branding will bring him fame and shine. He is one the young talent to look for in the future.

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