Sharara: A Musician’s Rise to Glory            

Sharara: A Musician’s Rise to Glory            

It isn’t easy to make it big in music but perseverance takes one really long. When Sharara moved to UAE from his home country Lebanon, little did he know that his songs will be listened and appreciated by people around the globe. He still has a long way to go but his debut speaks volumes about his talent. I present to you Sharara, an artist from the Middle East whose songs are becoming more and more popular around the globe. Sharara has been quickly ascending the charts and making himself a fixture on fans’ playlists. He is known for writing upbeat songs ideal for events. His most recent track, “Dynamite,” is already well-liked, and “My Habibi,” which has amassed more than 100,000+ views on YouTube, peaked at the top of the charts on Aghami, a middle eastern music streaming platform in six countries.

He left Lebanon where he was raised and go to pursue his dream in the United Arab Emirates, where he started a career as a performer and songwriter in the music business. He is renowned for his creativity and adaptability, which are unconstrained by musical or geographical constraints. Sharara is a DJ and broadcaster in addition to being a singer and composer. This musician, who was born on December 4, 1994, is 28 years old and has just started his musical career, but he is already getting attention.

“I believe that now is the perfect time for me to pinpoint the point where the music my target audience wants to hear and the music I want to compose meet. This could only be learned by remaining consistent and regularly releasing new music. The fact that my songs are so well-liked on YouTube is a blessing. After barely three weeks, Dynamite, my most recent song, has received almost 60,000+ views. I am conscious that it could be challenging for newbies, but as long as I have my followers and listeners at my side, I feel unstoppable.” Sharara said.

You’re going to love Sharara’s next endeavours if you enjoyed his earlier music. His supporters were ecstatic when he recently revealed that he is writing new songs and would shortly share them. Follow him on Instagram,Facebook ,Spotify,Apple Music.

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